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OK now I'm really struggling. I have been trying to get hold of any service repair info for my car since I bought it a few weeks ago. I have bought the 'complete' Seat elsawin from eblag supposedly covering all models and all years. I have subscribed to the online 'erwin' service from Seat (which recognises the VIN and gives me the order and spec info, but no technical info :( )and I have searched every thread and link on this and other forums and googled the hell out of it, but still no joy :(

So here is the question, is there anywhere I can get this info for a 96 Seat Toledo Sport 8v?

All I want to do for now is give it a service, engine oil, coolant, gearbox oil, brake fluid etc and a few other little jobs.

I have never come across this before, technical info and pdf manuals are available for just about everything these days, but not actually being able to get the info in Erwin has me worried :help:


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Is there any detail in the service handbook? Should be stuff like oil spec and service intervals etc. and what have you. Servicing stuff is fairly straight forward really, and just the same as other makes of car. Unless you're planning on getting into cam belt changes and suchlike you should be okay with common sense. :shrug:


Yeah I hear you Viking.
I reckon I could probably wing it on some jobs like a basic oil change, but I like to be sure i'm doing things correctly. Like is their a special way to bleed the cooling circuit once refilled, how many drain plugs, checking valve clearances, disk tolerances, all the measurements and specifics really. Where are the sensors, what colour wire does what and all that other techie stuff.
Can anyone help me out on this? Cheers :)


Thanks Toxic, that's an idea.
How do I go about finding out what other cars have my engine and gearbox?
I got the vehicle spec when I put the VIN into erwin. This is what it found:
4 zylinder 2,0L/85 KW Catalyst,MVEG2 basic engine:T8A
4-speed automatic gearbox
No code for the gearbox :(


Thanks Muttley :), That looks like the solution for now, cheers.

Any idea how to find the engine/gearbox codes?


My engine code is AGG, I bought that 3097 haynes manual but it doesn't cover AGG engines :(


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That's odd, it was certainly installed in some Golfs. The manual will be some use for other mechanical details, I hope. AGG engine is not covered by 3727, the next Golf manual on (April '98-2000)

I've had a look at my old copy of the Ibiza manual, 3571, and it does cover the AGG engine. Not ideal, but it will help on the engine side. Check the gearbox code, though, it may be covered by the Golf manual. Brakes will be in the Golf manual, coolant may be a bit of both (radiator may be Golf-pattern rather than Polo-pattern in the Ibiza).

Some details from the Ibiza manual:
Oil capacity 4 litres
Coolant (approx) 5.5 litres
Oil filter Champion C160
Air filter Champion L201
Plugs Champion RN8VTYC4

I'd double-check the coolant and air filter, on the Golf platform they may be different.
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