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Retrofit front parking sensors


SEATed conformably
Aug 10, 2011
Has anyone tried it on an Ateca FR with rear sensors and camera already fitted?

I saw a kit on eBay, but am wondering how much ripping apart it might be?



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This question has been asked on the other trolling grumpy Ateca board then a guy came along and said he'd got the parts but never posted it up probably since that board is grumpy and trolley. Fear not I've tracked his posts down elsewhere on the internet for you. It's necdet93 who I think is Turkish and publishes some good Ateca practical stuff on YouTube one being taking off the tail light cover.

His project on front parking sensors is here in four parts.


Forth part he does in VCDS but I guess you can do that in Obdeleven and it's working.

On the Ateca FR element if it can be done for a standard Ateca it must be the same for the FR. It's good that there are practical applied guys out there doing good stuff :D.
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