Reverse gear "trouble"

Apr 20, 2023
Hi there. I have a 21 plate 1.5 tsi evo fr 150ps Leon on 22500 miles. Got it at 19882 miles. Everytime I put car into reverse gear it sometimes works and other times it doesn't. I read online that pumping the clutch a couple times to build pressure helps when you struggle or putting car into first then trying again. Other times, you put car in reverse, car sensor shows it's in reverse, yet when you use slight touch of accelerator to move the car, it won't go into reverse fully so it makes that grinding sound? Like when I try to engage reverse it just feels like it gets stuck and then slowly bringing clutch you can feel it jolt in gear?

Cars been into dealer cause under warranty and they said nothings wrong with it yet the problem continues almost daily.

My question is, is there something wrong with the car? Has the car not done enough mileage aka not broke in properly? Or is it a common thing with Leons? I know certain cars such as BMW takes more force to put car into gear. I also heard that new Leon's are often stiff or could the linkage need adjusting?

It is just more frustrating than anything else that I have to press clutch a couple times and put car into first everytime before I can even attempt to reverse. Very inconvenient if you try to do a 3 point turn.

Do I just have to live with this or take it back and get it properly checked cause it's ruining the car experience.


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Jan 21, 2021
You should not need to pump a hydraulic clutch, I don't think you can build pressure that way.
If the clutch doesn't release in a single pump it's faulty.
However reverse gear doesn't have synchromesh so it can be misaligned (gear to gear) which makes the gear changing fork alignment more important.
This would be my bet, not clutch, as when you do release the clutch it's catching the opposite gear not engaging.

So no it's not normal and yes it should be fixed


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Jan 10, 2023
United Kingdom
You could get a family member to try it out as well, see if it happens to them or not.

But it's not something that should happen on a 2 year old car... Take a video of it happening, and take it back to the dealers. I'd even go as far as sitting with one of their reps/mechanics in the car while they try it out.
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