Revo TCU remap questions


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Dec 11, 2014
Hey guys,
I am running a stage 2 Revo ECU map and a TCU map, the car is 2017 FL Cupra which i love, from several indications the car drives as it should no issues with power what so ever.

My main issue (which appeared also in stage 1) was the TCU.

Once we flashed the Revo map for the DSG, if i drive on S mode and i am not flooring it, the gear change (especially in 1st to 2nd! But also in 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th occasionally) is very brutal.

Ill explain what i mean, it shifts at about 4.5 (which im fine with it although i expect on low throttle for it to switch earlier) once it shifts you can feel the car "rocking" forward and back (i hope it explains it well) which feels not good.

On higher gears if you floor it, everything is fine gear change is smooth, but if you drive on 50 60 percent throttle it will also shift in that manner described above)

The Revo dealer here gave me an explanation of which the Revo TCU "locks" the clutches harder and this is the reason, but why do it on first gear? No full throttle? This makes driving in S not totally aggressive unbearable.

If anyone can comment / advise on what should i do? I drove many Cupra's with a different DSG tune (TVS, APR) and this wasn't present.

Appreciate your input,

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Jun 6, 2019
Sounds like it's part of the Map mate, probably best getting a different tune if you dont like it?