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seat leon recall


Lovin' it
May 15, 2011
Ok so looking though my service book for the first time since I had the car and I have noticed in the back it says it was subject to a recall in November 2013 when on 1100 miles. It is a 63 plate FR 184 manual I bought as an ex demo on 2200 miles.

Right the details: 91LZ recall or it could be 9ILZ recall hard to tell so any bright spark out there have idea what it is (not worried as it has been done and stamped by the dealer) just curious and google didn't help :D


Active Member
Jul 1, 2010
From memory of the threads on here I am pretty sure it was just the media system update.


Active Member
Jun 1, 2009
Sorry couldn't resist. I dont actually know, but I assume it updates the software or the firmware on the media/sat nav headunit.
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