SEAT post teaser concept image ahead of Frankfurt 2011


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Jan 21, 2011
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Will be interesting to see what the new Toledo (if that's what it is) looks like.
If it is a 4 door saloon, will they even bother with Right hand drive, given the small number of saloons bought in the UK and the small size of other RHD markets such as Ireland, Malta, Cyprus?


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Mar 17, 2008
if based on stretched VW Polo mechanicals more than likely not a Toledo replacement, and build quality not going to be as sturdy as the Leons...if I were SEAT i'd introduce a coupe Leon-esque model. they'd need to play on the rear lights although the facelift job on the Exeo to be released end of 2011 looks pretty decent and coud be used as inspiration.

but that picture to me looks like a 3-door coupe more than 4-door saloon...maybe BMW 1-series rival? don't look as long as the Skoda article picture in any way
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Apr 6, 2009
I'd think a Exeo based two door coupe would be interesting. Obviously not going to be a direct rival to the 3 series coupe (excellent by the way). But would add a bit of spice to the range would compliment the the 2 door Ibiza and the soon to arrive 2 door Leon.:D
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