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SEAT's Tarraco large SUV now available in FR and FR Sport trim


Cupra 300 ST DSG 4Drive
May 23, 2015
Norwich, UK
Do you need the extra rear seats or just fancy something bigger?
Need something bigger (load space) but don’t need:
  • 7 seats (mandatory in the UK)
  • To be told what spec I “need” as is now the case with all new SEAT’s...
The Tarraco FR looks great as a show car. However, in 2 fixed configurations (FR and FR Sport) you can't have bucket seats and reversing/360 camera and winter pack as the FR Sport looks to have standard seats in leather with red stitching. The same leather buckets are in certain new Leon specs though....

There’s still a lack of definitive dealer info and an order lead time (no stock cars on the way for initial orders) so, unfortunately for SEAT, we’ve gone for a 9-month old ex-Land Rover management Range Rover Velar D240 SE with some nice options - only 4K more than a new Tarraco and with the big lump of initial depreciation taken care of....

So it’s SEAT’s loss this time round. My Leon Cupra 300ST lease has another year to run though so I’ll still be around here for a while.....
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What put me off the Tarraco was the rigid marketing of packages of options rather than the pick & mix that you had at the launch of the Ateca and for a year or two on the Ateca until they changed the way they sold Seat cars. Some people might be happy to buy the car stratified as they currently sell them, others that want all the extras it's annoying.

Looking to the extra front passenger legroom over the Ateca but against that I couldn't buy the luxuries that I currently enjoy on my 2016 Ateca. We won't mention Mapcare either that's thrown in for life with VW and Skoda.
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