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Step by step brake bleed for dummies needed


Active Member
Aug 2, 2012
In a shed
I've never done it before.

I'll be doing it on my own. Could someone please give me a step by step how to? Also do I need to bleed the abs?



Active Member
Feb 4, 2014
Get an eazi bleed kit from Halfords about £20.
Fill the bottle up with dot 4, screw on to brake resiviour , connect pressure tube to 20psi tyre ,
Now system is pressurised , go round and open each Nipple one at a time until you get clear fluid / no bubbles , get some clear tube (washer pipe ) and poke in an old drinks bottle and put that on the nipple to catch fluid

Rear left , rear right , front left , front right , clutch (optional )

That's the easy way , 2man pumping method if you've never done before isn't easy.
Keep an eye on fluid level don't run it out or your drag air in the system

YouTube eazi bleed I'm sure there will be a video
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