Stereo/CD Changer wiring diagram

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Jun 19, 2001
All viewed into connector on head unit

Section 1 - Not all of these are available on the Aura v4 (Headphone, Telephone, External Display)
1 Not Connected
2 Not Connected
3 Headphone Out GND
4 Headphone Out L
5 Headphone Out R
6 Switched (+12V when unit is on)
7 Telephone Audio In Signal
8 External Display Clock
9 External Display Data
10 External Display Enable
11 Remote ( Not sure of its function )
12 Telephone Audio In GND
13 CD Data In
14 CD Data Out
15 CD Clock
16 +A CD (Not sure of its function but related to CD changer)
17 Switched Power to CD
18 CD Audio In GND
19 CD Audio In L
20 CD Audio In R

Section 2 Speakers
1 RR+
2 RR-
3 FR+
4 FR-
5 FL+
6 FL-
7 RL+
8 RL-

Section 3 Power
1 Speed Sense Wire
2 Telephone mute - Active low - Take to 0V to mute
3 OBD Diagnostics
4 Switched Ignition +12V
5 Antenna control (+12V when unit is on)
6 Illumination
7 Permanent +12V
8 Ground 0V

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From a Leon but should be the same layout

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Feb 16, 2020
hello guys. I have a Aura cd spare and i would like to use it (not inside the car).
I connected to a 12v powe supply, giving +12v to pin 7 and -12v ground to pin 8, in the power section connector.
It light up and switch on, and asking me the security code. No problem, I have it and I am sure that is the code, since I used it many times when the radio was in the car. But outside the car, as soon as I enter the code and press "program" to confirm, the radio switch off.
I then tried to connect +12v to pin 4 and 7 togheter, but the behaviour is the same. The radio switch off immediately after confirming the security code.
Is there a way to make the aura cd working outside the car? Is it possible it only works when connected to the car? How does it know this? By obd input, pin3?
Ay suggestions?
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