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The Definitive LED Bulb Replacement Parts Guide


Active Member
Jun 11, 2016
Thanks very much that's the 1 I have ordered to finish off the led bulb swap out
No problem! I've had that one for about a year and it's been great, much better than the bulb I bought off eBay before it which eventually failed.

How easy are these to change and fit?
Very, there's a small flap on the inside of the boot hatch door, and then you just have to release a few clips to get the bulb holder unit out. Only thing to remember is that LEDs are polarity-specific so if it doesn't work the first time, you might need to rotate the bulb 180 degrees.

The rear indicators (for pre-facelift) are a harder task but still not so bad as long as you're careful, there's a guide on these forums for those.
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Active Member
Aug 30, 2018
Well just finished installing the led bulbs in the interior of my car & have to say WOW what a difference they make.
I did not use any tools other than a flat head screwdriver very carefully i might add for the most part.
I did have an issue with the front welcome lights but more to do with my fat fingers than anything else, had to remove the whole unit as i took off the reflector strip and could not get it back in properly until i removed the whole unit but only 2 screws and sorted now.
Many thanks for all the links for bulbs & info supplied in this thread.
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Stephen Payne

Active Member
Jan 28, 2019
East Sussex
Just to clarify do the new Cupra 290 copra's have led's all round?

For example are number plate, fogs etc led.

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Apr 11, 2019
Although I have Led headlights etc, my interior lights are just normal 501s. Can I just swap for leds? I'd like to have red footwells to match doors etc.
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