Thinking of getting a TDi Arosa


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Sep 9, 2004
Southampton UK
Hi all, I work in London and live in Southampton and this gives me a 190 mile round trip to work and back! I currently use the train only driving a limited number of days a year which as you can imagine can be pretty costly in my Leon Cupra. Current travel costs per year are about £4000 for me at the minute and I'm thinking of buying an Arosa for the commute!

The TDi springs to mind as best choice and I have worked out diesel costs at approx £3129 per year, this is based on 50 MPG. My question is, is this 50 MPG figure realistic at high speeds....i.e. 90 mph??? Also what are the service costs and has anyone insured theirs as a second car? If so how much was this??? I also understand the new tax for this class is £50 per year?

Any info greatly appreciated!



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Oct 13, 2005
yeah it is £50 for a whole year and 50mpg at 60-80mph should be okay. uh just checked state 64 mpg on both 1.4tdi and 1.7sdi (get tdi!) combined mpg.


After driven an Arosa as a courtesy car I wouldn't like to do a 190mile trip every day in it. It had no height adjustment on the seat and seemed a bit basic and 'tinny' inside. Although it was economical I would find it very uncomfortable on a long trip. And I cetrainly wouldn't like to stop in a hurry going at 90mph as the brake discs were tiny!


Had a 52 reg TDi for about 4 months now, get roughly 55mpg out of it and I have a mainly A road 50mile round trip to work.

The seats are height adjustable in a TDi as they are all 'S' spec, so you get elec windows, central locking, mines got ABS too but that's an option.

servicing from SEAT dealer is approx 150-160 a time (every 10,000) but my local dealer did their own service rather than seats (same stuff involved just not logged as SEAT service) for £90... I also use a diesel injector cleaner every few thousand miles which seems to help it along.

The brakes probably are the weak point of the car, as they're the same as the 1.0 and 1.4 petrol (non 16v) so no rear disc's. they do seem to fade after a few miles hard driving.

that said I have no worries recommending these little cars..... tiny but mighty:clap:


Probably your best bet is autotrader's website, or looking on some other forums.

try or the other seat car forum that it block's me typing in here!!! both have a good community of Arosa drivers


cracking little car, my gf had 1 before the toledo 20vt, nippy little things...get it revo'd and your looking at 110bhp in a paper weight


mugly said:
.get it revo'd and your looking at 110bhp in a paper weight

Did a bit of experimental work with a trial revo map on the rollers and it came out with less power than just with a tuning box on...

Mines on its way to Jabbasport this wednesday, i'll let you know what i come back with :D
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