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Toledo S Bluetooth - audio streaming?


I can't seem to find a definitive answer to this...

According to the current spec list, the Toledo S features a 'Bluetooth mobile phone connection with voice control'.

However, the SE features the 'SEAT Media System 2.2' which includes 'Bluetooth audio streaming'.

Does this mean you can't stream music from your phone over Bluetooth on the 'S' trim? Is it only for phone calls?



Mate according to the SEAT Bluetooth page it should work.
It won't control your tunes, but it will play them.
Thanks. I did find that PDF before, but the 'Bluetooth Audio Streaming' column has a note next to it that says: "Available function in some SEAT models".

So that implies not all Bluetooth capable models are capable of audio streaming. And judging by the spec list of the 'S' trim, it sounds like maybe it hasn't' got this feature.

I'm hoping somebody who has a recent Toledo 'S' model will be able to confirm!


2 SEAT-er
Jun 26, 2014
from photos of S models on sale (not brochure pics) the stereo would appear to be VW RCD310

which is/is not bluetooth capable in various VW's depending on spec.

You need to sit in a toledo S with your phone / ipod and try it.

mine has seat media 2.2 which does stream.

I'd buy an SE - it has a load more kit.


Thanks - you're right, the only way to tell is to find one and try to pair my phone with it. I don't have much faith in the dealer giving me accurate information, based on my previous experience! My nearest dealer is pretty small, so not sure if they'll even have a Toledo there. Worth a look though.

Not sure I would want the SE. Now the S spec has been upgraded with a lot of extra kit, it has everything else I need/want. And upgrading to SE means also taking the 105bhp engine, right? I don't really want the poorer fuel economy, higher insurance, higher price, etc. of the 105bhp model when there doesn't really seem to be that much extra on the SE now that warrants the increased price. Perhaps I'm wrong. Feel free to convince me otherwise! ;-)
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