Torque? Front Suspention Rebuild.

Jun 3, 2021
I am a cabbie having to do a massive repair job on my front end Toledo 1.6 TDI 115 CMXA. Can anyone help me out with correct torque settings for the following 11 nuts n' bolts as the Seat dealer would not suppy this information? They said I have to go to a garage . The last garage job I had done was a disaster and I don't want to get bitten by the same dog twice. I have been correcting the bad work they did on my own. My offside strut had given out and the shocker came through and broke the bonnet hinge. I Immediately replaced the whole shock, spring and strut. I know I should have done the offside shock as well but I had just foolishly given my hard earned cash to get my shocks done at the garage 4 months previosly. I did not have the money. My offside coil spring snapped again and I then smelled a rat. I stripped everything from the front to find out why the shocks are failing at the nearside all the time.

Problem was they had fitted a VW GOLF strut mount to my nearside hence the weakness at the offside strut mount which was the correct one ie. VW POLO. My nearside hub axel nut which was cross threaded so badly it kept spinning was a nightmare to remove. Every bolt on the offside was a nightmare. Even had to hacksaw the offside strut mount. With help it took two days to dismantle. I took the whole nearside apart both times myself within a hour. I can't believe it passed the mot plus the taxi test!

The following are the torques It would be great if anyone would be kind enough to copy and paste below and fill in the answers. The hub nut and the anti-roll bar bush bracket is what i'm most worried about.

Control Arm
  1. Front Bush = ??
  2. Rear Bush = ??
Ball Joint
  1. Ball Joint Nut = ??
  2. 3 Nuts on the Plate = ??
Front Axel
  1. Hub Nut = ??
Anti Roll Bar
  1. 2 Nuts on bracket securing the bush = ??
  2. Drop link = ??

I rely on this vehicle for my taxi business. Please help me if you can. I have done the work well so far.
I will do my clutch next