"Unlocking" sound randomly while driving


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Apr 14, 2020
For a few months already I have this problem where I hear a noise, like if you click on the "Unlock" button from inside your cars, even tho your doors are already unlocked.
Get in your car, press the unlock button in the interior, that's what I hear every few seconds/minutes, absolutely randomly.

The speed doesn't play a role, it can happen while I'm standing still or driving at X speed.

What can be the case? Maybe change remote battery? I have no idea and didn't find anything on the internet also.

I also changed all door lock mechanism one by one at a time because they stopped unlocking a few years ago. But didn't had any problems.
Aug 14, 2023
I have the same issue. Replaced the rear left door lock, chased some water leaks and now when I'm driving it randomly makes the unlocking sound. Very weird I wonder if someone has a solution
Dec 5, 2022
I have the same issue coming from my drivers door, and recently the remote unlock seems to have stopped working on that door (remote lock and entry with the key itself works fine).
Sep 18, 2023
My FR550 has always done it locks and unlocks at random while I'm driving, it doesn't have any detrimental issues so I've just left it but recently my driver side rear door has stopped unlocking off the fob needing manual unlocking via inner door release must be a lock motor issue on that particular door I'll get it looked at next service.
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