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Upgrading number plate lights


Active Member
Nov 8, 2019
Going to being putting on my private plate on my leon soon and was thinking of fitting led rear number plate lights too as I love how bright they look. My only concern is that I know some can consume a lot of power which I want to avoid so does anyone have any experience with any good ones and where can i buy them from

Also is it legal to have such bright lights as they can sometimes make it harder to reader the plate so is it something that i can get pulled over for?


Active Member
Mar 10, 2013
They have been standard on FR (and higher spec) models since Mk3 introduction. Fit these OEM ones and have them coded with VCDS (to configure the bulb monitoring for LED lights) and you will achieve the brightness that you require.

In terms of having bulbs that are too bright, and being pulled over - unlikely given the number of people on the road with bulbs not working, but the bulb brightness could be used as an excuse to get you to the side of the road, before looking at other aspects of your vehicle, your driving, fitness to drive etc.


Alor Blue 290 Cupra
Jan 21, 2019
Police are more concerned about drivers going 33mph in a 30 Than drivers who have no working bulbs/ illegal bulbs/ illegal plates. Never had any issues with my illegal number plates and previously with my rear LED number plates bulbs on my old car.

You’ll be fine just get canbus ones.

any of the top brands do good ones such as Osram, Phillips. Twenty20 bulbs are also decent.

Go look on AutoBulbsDirect.
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