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Vagcom changes


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Mar 27, 2013
I really need to get into this vagcom lark. I'm a techie a have zero understanding other than its basically the OS. Anyone fancy coming (or me coming to you) whilst you plug it in and have a tinker??


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Apr 22, 2008
Mk3 Leon's use a diagnostic protocol known as UDS, the latest protocol to date and at the minute can only be fully interigated using ODIS - VW AG's new multibrand diagnostic software.

VCDS cables will no doubt need a firmware update and possibly a hardware modification in order to be fully comparable, mind you the Ross tech team are pretty good at finding their way around things to make stuff work.


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Mar 29, 2016
It would seem after some more investigation and 'playing' that this is standard on FR but only an option on SE etc.

I believe with time I should be able to 'Long code' via Vag-com to allow it to work on all models fitted with electric mirrors.

I may well have in the next few weeks an engineer from a well know vehicle electrics/equipment manufacturer coming to look at my car as it would seem that they have never had one and as such none of their equipment or manuals are set up for the new Leon.

They believe that they could get 'ahead of the game' by examining it now, as other areas of the VAG could/will go this way.

We'll see...

Does using VCDS lite allow needle sweep mod to be performed as i dont want to spend the 200 odd quid just for the needle sweep.


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Mar 29, 2016
Can obdeleven be used without purchasing the port adapter as i wish to kinda try before i buy. Unless someone in scotland wants to do it for me


ST Cupra
May 30, 2015
Yes pro version is needed to change programming. If your ever passing Preston on m6 anytime soon let me I'd be happy to show you obdeleven on your motor. You need the adapter and a Bluetooth compatible device.
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