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What else to change when fitting Weitecs?

Andrewcupra TDI

Resident Desk Jockey
Apr 30, 2008
in the mountains ( Wales )
ok so ive ordered some weitecs :D

whats worth sourcing and changing the same time , its been suggested top mounts

now do i go oem or other

Any other parts that could be done the same time ,

The other little mission im onto is vag com

i hear the earlier leons cam with the feature of when engaging reverse (mirror switched to drivers view ) the passenger mirror would dip to the floor so helping you see to reverse to the dreaded kurb

so mine dont come with that :confused::blink: so surely must just be coding it the same as earlier ones ???

im also wondering can you adapt a convenience wipe while selecting reverese again , to wipe the rear if you have fronts on (not sure if its done sure mark said his mrs golf does it )

i have tried the searching with no joy

thanks all

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Under the Hood
Sep 2, 2009
Midlands, UK
i replaced mine top mounts with oem ones on my previous car cos it had done 90k miles.

regarding the mirrors/rear wiper i wish i had this option too.


UK's 1st Liquid Yello LCR
May 27, 2008
Most likely at work
most people go for standard top mounts from Seat. depending on your mileage, you could get your bushes done. iv replaced all of mine with powerflex and it feels much better now :)

adam cupra 20vt

Built Not Bought.
Mar 31, 2005
Mud Hut
Top suspension mounts and if they don't come with the bearings then order them to.

Not sure what bushes people replace when changing shocks? I never replaced any.


Active Member
Nov 5, 2006
I went a bit mad when i put my weitecs on
all oem bits

top mounts front and back
wishbone bushes front/back
track rods
ball joints
anti roll bar link rods
arb bushes

the only thing i left was the subframe bushes:)

alittle extreme but once i stripped it down i did notice some play in most of these components

Well worth going the extra mile on this one as it will transform your car as in mine :D
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