1. Does anyone know what this is??

    Hi folks First time poster and long time lurker here. I was recently fitting a dash cam to my mk3 Leon and had a panel underneath the glovebox unscrewed. A little metal fitting fell out. I couldn't see where it would go back in. I've attached some pictures of it to see if anyone has any idea...
  2. Steering wheel remote, after market stereos

    Hi All, First time posting, have looked for an answer on the site but cannot see one, so though I'd ask. I'm looking to replace the OEM Stereo in my 09 mk4 Ibiza. My intention is to replace it with a double din stereo with more features, but my main point of apprehension at this time is the...
  3. maciek.snow

    altea XL roof rails --> Altea Std ?

    Hi Guys, This might sound silly/dumb, but I'm deeply considering fitting XL roof rails to the standard version. Anyone maybe did or thought about that already ?. Don't want these sh**ty roof bars that go under the door seal. Already have couple of ideas, but would be good to hear if someone...
  4. help with DG fitting

    Guys searched forum and faq for guide to fit dogmount cant find anything. I think its staright forward only 4 bolts and not too long to sort but want to be sure before I buy as if not may have to budget fitting at the local mech. anyone found a link to fitting cheers D.
  5. fitting a forge spacer on my 07 plate leon fr tfsi

    hi ppl, anybody no how 2 fit a spacer on a leon fr tfsi please, or anybody know were i can get instructions from as the one i bought from forge didnt have and fitting instructions, sound
  6. fitting climate control to non climate control

    Hi, ive got a 2.0 tdi reference and it doesnt come with digital climate control but i can get hold of one pretty cheap, just wanted to know how hard it would be to fit and any programming needed afterwards cheers
  7. Bodykit fitting near Leeds?

    Hey all Iv got a facelift cupra and im wanting the sideskirts and spoiler like on my previous pre facelift cupra. Thing is im struggling to find somewhere.. I bought the car from JCT Wakefield, and coz there new seat dealer, there not interested in fitting the bodykit for me coz they dont...
  8. HID Fitting

    Hey fellow Ibiza fans I just bought myself a set of 50w H7 8000k HIDS from Hidsdirect or what ever they are called haha I didnt buy the slim set am wondering were the best place to mount the ballasts is? to put as less stress on the wiring as possible of course and ideally to make them...
  9. Problem fitting CD Player

    Hi Guys, I have a JVC AVX33 Cd Player which was working fine when i took it out of my previous car.... When i connect it to my seat it lights up blue but all it can do is eject discs thats it!? Any advice? Cheers Steve
  10. J@mes W

    Anything worth changing when fitting coilovers?

    I'm looking to have some coilovers fitted (as soon as i've decided which ones) and i was wondering whether there are any component i should be looking to change while I've got the suspension off? Possible some new top mounts? Thanks in advance Jim
  11. RS6

    benefits of fitting a dv

    being a newbie when it comes to engines can someone help what is the benefit of fitting a forge DV already had a TIP fitted just going through my notes when i joined on here and was recommended to get one along with a few other things that i understand, not sure if a DV is just for noise...
  12. Fien

    HID bulbs and Angel Eyes fitting

    Just bought myself a set of H7 HID conversion kit and thought i'd get around to fitting them today. everything was going well until i tried to fit the bulbs which dont fit!! :confused: from looking on here it now seems that this is a common thing and i'll have to drill the fitting holes. this...
  13. TDi_B5

    Fitting larger G60 steel wheels

    I'm thinking of getting some 15" G60 steel wheels for the arosa and was wondering what to do about tyre pressures? I just want more of a footprint on the road and I like the look of these wheels. As far as tyres go, I'm not after super low profile or stupidly wide, perhaps some 185/55/15s...
  14. TA Technixs - Fitting Problems

    Right ive had nothing but problems since getting these and i read good reviews about them but also so bad reviews.... read more bad now ive looked into it more :( Anyway i fitted these at the weekend had since then had numerous problems with fitting them which now results my car being a...
  15. Jetex induction fitting

    Hi just gone out to attempt fit my new jetex induction kit.I already have a pipercross one that came on the car when i bought it. Just wondering as there is some tubing that comes of the pipercross that leads to the engine block,maybe another air passage.Would it be safe to just remove the...
  16. ace163

    K04-022 fitting??

    Hi, i have a 04 LCR and i need to replace my turbo, i just got a new k04 but no fitting kit with it, can someone tell me exactly what i need to order from seat dealers to fit this, bolts,gasket etc? Thanks in advance
  17. Arnoldo

    Weitec Coilovers arrived - Need fitting advise :)

    Ok my coilovers have arrived and im looking to get them fitted on tuesday. Few questions. 1. - Is the coil on the left def for the front? 2. - Do I remove these clips shown in pic 2 as mentioned in this: 3. - Is...
  18. Gunnie

    Harness fitting

    Just been trying to fit a 3 point harness, im just havin difficulty with the two straps to the left and right straps. What do you fix to?? Pics would help:)
  19. Dave217

    air filter fitting

    my friend has given me a universal K&N air filter but it has a curved pipe with it, anybody know where i can get a straight pipe to connect it up or know where i can buy another type of pipe to connect it been to a few shops and they say they dont sell them seperate, but there must be...
  20. A Wheel Fitting Question

    Hey Guys, Ive done some reseach and cant really find a definative answer. :confused: Had my Ibiza TDI Sport for a couple of months now and am looking at getting some new alloys. I have seen some 6 spoke Audi TT 17" wheels for sale locally that look quite good and after doing some...
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