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  1. vee_dub_modder

    Help -- fitting front anti roll bars

    is there a guide to fitting front anti roll bars?? i fear i'm going to have to drop the sub frame.
  2. killer205

    fitting spoiler to ibiza

    i was re fitting the spoiler to my ibiza as the bolts that hold it in leak a bit of water in so i took them off and put a bit of greace on them i tighted them up but i did them a bit tight and smashed the window in to 5838289 peices :s dose anybody elses spoiler leak in the window where the...
  3. custom cd pkayer fitting

    iv got a ibiza mk3 1.4, its got a sh*t standard cd player, tape, etc. im wanting to customize it to fit a kenwood cd player. my problem is that all of the cd player, air con etc is built into one compartment. i need to change this and build a custom front plate. is there any way of doing this...
  4. Fitting Subs with Standard HU

    I have searched about regarding info on this but it doesn't seem to clear to me, I am just wondering what I all need in order to do this? and how difficult it is to do? as I may get somebody to do it for me if its a bit tricky. Any information would be much appreciated :)
  5. james walker

    inlet manifold gasket fitting

    can anyone supply a guide to fit a phenolic gasket? looked in haynes, no real guide available on here.... anyone thats done on etc etc... i dont have elsawin nor can i download it onto my vista equipped laptop!!!!!!!!!!!! any help appreciated guys, interested in one of these if it...
  6. Dougy

    HID Fitting- Ballast Location?

    Hi guys right my HID's came today and going to fit them tomorrow Just had a quick look at where I have to put the hole for cables but where is the best place to mount the ballast? Any ideas would be great Thanks
  7. After fitting gearbox, running problems :o(

    Recently fitted a gearbox to my 2001 ibiza cupra, the car was running fine before, but now it runs like s*"t and wont even drive, anyone know what might be the cause? cheers
  8. doll

    Fitting an aftermarket stereo in a Leon

    Hi all, I am trying to fit a Clarion double din head unit into my Leon. I have all of the necessary install bits and bobs - Seat facia, cables, can-bus adapter etc. but I am missing a surround for the stereo. I have taken a picture to explain what I mean. Has anyone fitted a...
  9. fitting splitter to mk1 fr ?

    Hello there , Have bought myself and just recieved a cupra r splitter , Right i know it needs some modding to fit onto my fr . But how to go about doing so . Do i drill grooves ? do i cut the lugs stick it with silicone sealent then drill a few holes and put bolts through to the bumper. Dont...
  10. Dom Sweeten

    S3 Seats - Rear Seat Belt fitting?

    Does anyone know if the absence of the centre rear belt would fail the car MOT? My new S3 seats do not have the centre belt like original LCR one (inside the rear bench) so looking into fitting a lap belt if needed. Has anyone done this?
  11. Fitting time/cost for new front ARB, new front bushes and new rear bushes??

    im looking at getting a Eibach front arb, polyflex front bushes (front of wishbone) seat cupra bushes (for rear of front wishbone) and polyflex bushes for the rear of the car. i wondered what the labour cost would be, so i got a rough idea of what to expect, what sort of time should it take...
  12. Smee

    AP caliper fitting kit

    hello again you will all be happy when i stop posting about my brakes soon :) lol basically i am under the understanding i need a fitting kit to fit the brake discs and pads ect to my car i believe the Seat Part number is 6LL 698 295 and is £60 i know you can buy the part seperatly but...
  13. stezo2k

    Fitting a dual-din radio

    hi guys, i've pretty much decided on a dual din radio for my car, looks the nuts just got a few questions: 1. I've heard that fitting a dual din radio is hard in the mk4, apparently theres not quite enough room. do you have to chops bits of plastic off at the back or can you just remove...
  14. autoguage boost guage fitting !

    hi there ,, right just bought an autoguage boost guage for my mk1 leon fr . Im abit confused as to where the vacum hose is to connect the little t coupler ? any ideas a photo diagram would be most usefull thanks chaps
  15. R 20vt J

    k03s fitting guide

    Every time i click on the fitting guide link it doesn't work! Does anyone know where the fitting guide is? Cheers, Ross.
  16. LMJ

    Fitting clocks with a rev counter - CLS

    I have a 1995 CLS Ibiza, and I was wondering if it were possible to change the dials (from the standard one with the UGLY clock, to a rev counter dial set. The similar Golf model - with the same engine code (ABD) has a rev counter... so I'd buy one of those ideally. WILL IT WORK? Anyone have any...
  17. ConradJellyfish

    9 x 16" rims, et15 all round? whats the chance of fitting?

    As The title says, might have some rims en route for my ibiza, but will they fit without serious arch work, or have i gone with my heart and not my head :) cheers guys :)
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