HID Fitting


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Oct 1, 2009
Hey fellow Ibiza fans

I just bought myself a set of 50w H7 8000k HIDS from Hidsdirect or what ever they are called haha

I didnt buy the slim set am wondering were the best place to mount the ballasts is? to put as less stress on the wiring as possible of course and ideally to make them discreate

I had a set on my last ibiza but my mate did them, i now how to wire it up n the basics but am after some ideas

If you could puty up pics or describe were you mounted yours that would be great

Cheers guys


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Everyone mounted them in the wings with the big cable ties they give you there is also the option of the crash bar take bumper off and stick them behind there looks alot neater. Best thing to do it cut/drill small hole right at the bottom edge of the light cover too instead of a big hole in the middle like I and many others did! If you have a diesel have fun destroying your hands trying to fit them in the wings!


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Jun 10, 2008
I mounted mine in the crash bar behind the bumper, the normal sized ballasts are a perfect size it fit in there.

Then i just secured them with a **** load of duct tape :D


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Tbh, I wasn't bothered about them being discreet so I bent my bracket, and mounted them off a nut for the headlight.

You can see them but meh, I aren't bothered. You're gonna see them either way unless you mount them on the crash bar.
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