1. Flameboydan

    HID install, is this correct?

    I've finally got round to getting a set of HIDs which I'm fitting at the weekend. I thought I'd check I've got it right in my head before I give it a go, is this right: ? It looks pretty straight forward which is why I think I'm missing something. I had a look through the FAQ but some of...
  2. HID Install Complete 50mins

    i have just finished installing my HID Kit 6000k with Slim ballasts i would just like to say to anyone thinking of completing this mod that it is very easy. with the leon setup, its litterally 2 wires to connect only. the difference in light is huge, i cant wait till tonight to check em...
  3. HID Install help which is + & -

    hi guys after some help from all of you, i have managed to source a HID kit i was going to wait till next week before i install it but, well you know how it is, i need to get it done like now!!!!!! ive worked it all out and just need help with identifying the positive and negative, both...
  4. Xenon HID on angel eyes?

    Can I use an HID kit on angel eyes? I remember I have a decal "HID not allowed" on the headlights and I remember a pic of angel eyes melted somewhere on the board but at the same time I've seen an mk2 with angel eyes and HID here so...can I use them? Searching I've found a kit that seems well...
  5. HID Fitting

    Hey fellow Ibiza fans I just bought myself a set of 50w H7 8000k HIDS from Hidsdirect or what ever they are called haha I didnt buy the slim set am wondering were the best place to mount the ballasts is? to put as less stress on the wiring as possible of course and ideally to make them...
  6. HID KIT FITMENT easy or difficult????

    hi guys i want to upgrade my lights to HID, have sween some on ebay for about £40. i have some experience of wiring complex sound systems, but thats as far as my knowledge goes. i asked my local garage and he has quoted me £60 to fit, but only if i purchase the HID kit of him for £60...
  7. Fien

    HID bulbs and Angel Eyes fitting

    Just bought myself a set of H7 HID conversion kit and thought i'd get around to fitting them today. everything was going well until i tried to fit the bulbs which dont fit!! :confused: from looking on here it now seems that this is a common thing and i'll have to drill the fitting holes. this...
  8. where is the cheapest place to buy hid ballast?

    Ive recently brought some H7 8K Xenon HIDs but one of the ballasts dont seem to work? ive tried swapping them over and its defo not working does any one know where i can buy a new one and how much?
  9. fuzzy232

    HID kit for ibiza ?

    Wheres the best place to get a HID xenon kit for my ibiza and is it hard to fit a HID kit ? cheers
  10. Stoker20VT

    Diane-shop HID's

    Just fitted my 6K HID's from Diane-shop and 1 unit doesnt work :( Swapped them over and its deffinatly a faulty unit... Any1 else had problems with them? Wats there cusstomer support like? Thanks.
  11. Ieuan-J

    HID kits

    Are Bi-Xenon HIDs any good? im looking for a set of 6000k HIDs for a small price and i want the ultra bright beam and Hi/Low beam instead of getting 2 kits and wanted to know if Bi-Xenon are worth it? Cheers, Ieuan
  12. HID kit

    i have tried searching but not much info on the matter going to buy a HID kit off a member on another site. do i need a canbus kit for a 04 LCR??
  13. HID conversion kits

    Hi, i decided i wanted a HID conversion kit for my car. I was at my local stealer and they were advertising a kit for £300 fully fitted. It was a autotronics xtreme kit. I asked how much the kit was without fitting and was told £200. I thought it would be a decent set if coming from an...
  14. HID's

    Alright just looking to get a set of HID's but cant seem to find a kit anywhere Dose anyone know if there is a kit that fits the car? or a kit that in ment for another model but will fit? Cheers
  15. Art0ir

    Not your usual HID problem - Salt Corrosion!!

    Well I noticed today my passenger side headlight isn't working. After an inspection, the shelf underneath the headlight housing that most people seem to store there ballast in, was damp and full of bloody grit and salt! The ballast is badly corroded as seen below I've...
  16. Another HID question....

    sorry to ask this question, as you may have heard it before...... just looking on ebay there and they are giving me a choice of colours for the HID bulbs. what is the best one to go for cos i dont know what all this 6000k, 7000k, 8000k and so on means, any help would be great thanx baz
  17. benny91

    new bulb or HID packing up?

    Firstly Hello again all, right im not very mechanically minded or experienced with cars, so bear with me! right brought the car with a HID kit installed, been working perfectly for close to a year of happy motoring now, until this evening i noticed the passenger side dipped beam is a...
  18. HID's ??

    evening all, i fancy getting some hid's but havent a clue about them. i have tried to find a fitting guide here but no luck. is there a a certain type i need for the mk4 ibiza? what type do i need? anyinfo on these wil be great. thanks
  19. mazzerati

    HID help :)

    i got some HIDs today for my single cluster headlights so they are H4's (hi/lo) i put them in and they work fine, but the bulb comes with like a metal cover round it. and ive noticed that there is like a metal deflector like thing inside the headlight. do i need to remove either of...
  20. HID problem... God sake lol

    Right got abit of an issue hoping it's easy but any help welcome. I got some HID about 3 weeks ago and been working ok but the passenger light when you turn the lights on would cone on then go straight off. Now it won't come on At all and it's failed it's MOT because of it, the guy is just going...
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