1. Gordz

    Not Another HID Thread!!!

    I know there are hundereds of HID conversion threads around... but... I've been doing some research into the possibility of fitting HID's, but I'm confused :confused: Why do the kits range so much in price from £20 up to and over £200? Especially when they all look pretty much the same...
  2. HID Lighting

    I'am looking to get HIDs for my ibiza. I dont know much about it tbh. Does anybody know good places to get them. Preferably 8000ks. Much appreciated for the help :)
  3. Yorkshire Bob

    HID Help

    Hi, I need some advice on what HID's to buy and where from, any advice would be appreciated, cheers.
  4. Tech advise please??? HID's and power steering pump!

    After a long weekend tinkering with my ibiza PD130, part of which has been fitting HID's to my dipped headlights and fogs. They tested ok with just the ignition on, and the dipped headlights are ok when the engine is running too! But when I went out for a run in it through the lane and tried my...
  5. H.i.d

    Hello guys I have been looking at a H.I.D conversion for my ibiza Mk4 Cupra TDI and i need a bit of advice: What is the difference between H7 and H7R kit, my mate said i need the short bulb type is this true and should i get 6k or 8k. I would appreciate any advice. Gavstr[B)]
  6. ben-ducky

    Would this do the job? (HID's)

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Xenon-HID-Conversion-KIT-H1-H3-H7-H9-H11-HB3-HB4-9006_W0QQitemZ330379335700QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM?hash=item4cec249814 Alright lads, just a quick post to see would these do the job? Cheers in advance
  7. hoggy90

    hid fitments for leon mk1?

    hi guys, ive been looking into hids for my leon and he can get them for pretty cheap....but hes asking what fitment i need?can anyone shed any light?or recommend me some hids for a reasonably price? thanks :)
  8. cupragav

    Hid headlight out

    Hey I have got hids on my lcr and one of them has stopped working. I have done the obvious and changed the bulb and it's not that. Been looking at ballasts but not sure what one t get as they all have different volts and watts. Howdo I fnd outwhich ones I need?
  9. HID conversion on H1 bulb (full beam)

    Hi all just wondered if anybody had fitted the h1 full beam hid conversion kit on there lcr. i notcied on mine its got a black box on the back of the bulb. how would this work? what does it do?
  10. cupraajy

    H4 HID problems

    ive done a search but couldnt find anything that related to my question. I was trying to fit a H4 (hi/Lo) HID kit to my girlfriends ibiza at the weekend. Got everything working fine apart from this quiry. When the lights are off, for example you have just got the sidelights on, the Main...
  11. SalSheikh

    HID problems

    guys, i had Matt from MT Audio fit my HID's tday and they wouldnt work. We assumed it was a dodgy relay but when i got home and tried it the relay was fine. No volt was getting through to the bulbs. Just now I drove home on sidelights and thought i'd try the lights and guess what, the...
  12. Veyron

    Best None HID Bulbs to buy (H4)

    Hi, i don't really have the cash at the moment to do an HID conversion since im saving for alloys but was wondering if there is a low cost way of getting my headlights to match the blueish sidelight colour? Thanks
  13. LED sidelight bulbs?? To match HID 6k.

    Has anyone found a good match LED sidelight bulbs to 6000k HID's?? Fitted my new HID's today from HIDS4U, they look rather pimp!!! but the LED sidelight bulbs i bought just let them down! Even though they claim to be pure white, they have a slight purple tinge to them, which doesn't look good...
  14. Leon HID 6000k and Angel eyes problem??

    I have just aquired a car with angel eyes and hids. why could it be that dip beam is so crap?? i thought these were supposed to be real bright? full beam is fine! Pls HELP!
  15. vroomtshh

    HID for main beam and fogs?

    Has anyone ever fitted HIDs for there main beam and fog lights. Now I practically never use my fogs, and I kow its not a huge advantage for the main beam either. I'm just fussy and wanted things to match. I've ordered the kits. Just wondered if there was any pitfalls/advice out there
  16. hid's

    hi all sorry if this is another hid question but ive been looking at some and just want to make shore if this will fit, hey say they are for the leon but surely there the same??? http://www.hids-direct.co.uk/hid-conversion-kits-35w/seat-hid-kits/seat-leon-ultra-35w-hid-kit-p-269.html
  17. HID spade connectors, where do they go??

    Looking at fitting my HID and I presume the male spade connnectors fit into the old bulb connector block. But both wires feeding the block are black, is there an easy way to finding out which one is negative and positive? Apologies about being crap at electrics!
  18. hid conversion kit

    hi guys ive been looking at these for ages and now ive blown a bulb time to upgrade . can anyone point me in right direction of wich ones to go for . and what people are using many thanks . also these one any good...
  19. H7 HID conversion kit

    I'm looking to buy an H7 HID conversion kit, after reading some threads here i understood to walk away from cheap kits , so should I be looking at something else other than Philips's kits ? and how much does the PHILIPS Xenon HID Conversion Kit H7 (6000K) sell for ?
  20. hid n bright white side lights

    how can i put hids in n bright side lights without cuttin n shuttin wires for side lights? and plastics for back of head light? some one please help lol:cry:
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