1. Jjay19

    Ibiza HID Kits

    Hey Guys, I've got a MK4 Ibiza sport, and its got the standard lights and I am looking to get some HID's as I went for a drive in my friends car with them in, and they were excellent. I was looking for some advise as I'm not sure about best makes, best places to look etc or even what size...
  2. HID Confusion!

    Evening all, and before anyone says anything I have searched and read previous threads but that has seemed to confuse me more! So was wondering if anyone would be kind to give me some advice. 1.)what is the best kit to go for bi/xenon? 8000k? want to avoid the rozzers? 2.)don't want to cut...
  3. are these hid's suitable but expensive?

    http://www.hids4u.co.uk/h1-ultimate-carpro-hid-xenon-conversion-kit-pr-62.html not too sure wether i need h7's or h1's...but i really didnt think it would end up costing me nearly 200 pounds. anyone know anywhere cheaper other than ebay? anth
  4. itsmefishy

    HiD Kits

    Been looking on auto bulbs direct at their hid kits, are thay any good? any one fitted one? do you have to drill your headlamps? ive searched the site but can only find info on mk1 leons.......
  5. rich3001

    Replacement HID bulbs

    I recently had a HID bulb blow and have been trying to find a replacement. The bulbs are H4-3 Hi/Low beam. I can find the bulbs but the do not have the same connector for the wires that switch between high and low. Is the only option to replace the relay harness and wires or can i cut the wires...
  6. Finan

    Stupid Noob HID Question

    Okay, I've mentioned before about getting my fog-light's wired up for more light on the road due to long distance travelling over Christmas. I Have been looking at HID's for a long time now, But i cant afford them right now. So i found these...
  7. HID'S Flickering

    Just got my HIDS from diane-shop today 600k h7. all wired up correct and they just flicker for about a second when i turn the lights on, then just go off! have swapped around all the ballasts and bulbs etc still doing it! could it be the volts or battery power? I have an fr tdi and the battery...
  8. cupra!

    HID converstion

    I am looking to convert my head lamps to HID's found these online. anyone got these or now enough about them as to why some are cheaper than others...
  9. johntheboy

    Diane shop HID's

    Just on the lookout for some at the moment and cant seem to find a good link to some. The only ones I could see seemed to be specifically for the TT. Anyone any ideas on a direct link to a set by any chance thats got a fair bit of time on it before the ad ends? Also price wise how much do...
  10. Which bulb size for HID kit?

    I have a 2004 Ibiza FR TDI Can anyone help please? :)
  11. how do I remove this connector???? Anyone with HID headlamp experience?

    This is driving me crazy!!! I'm trying to remove my headlamp. I've got the front bumper off and the only thing stopping me from getting the headlamp out is the electrical cable that brings power to the headights! ttp://img260.imageshack.us/img260/8074/p1030529.jpg...
  12. mginbolton

    Hid kit for Mk2 Leon

    Hi all...i want to get a HID kit for my mk2 leon fr what type of bulbs are they and i want to replace the sidelight bulbs with led ones.I saw soe great ones on youtube but the link on where to buy them was broken.Any ideas? Thanks in advance Mark G
  13. andyc58

    HID kits

    Hi all can anyone tell me the best place to buy these convertions as im not sure about the ones on ebay.Thanks
  14. Where have you mounted you HID ballasts?

    I will probably be getting a set soon and wondered where you have put your ballasts?
  15. Hid con kits

    Was going to order a hid kit for my tolado for diped beem can any1 tell me is it h7 bulbs i need? thanks :confused::whistle:
  16. Joe K

    Angel lights or HID Kit ?

    Hi Peeps After looking at that little bit of extra cash burning that big hole I was try to decide between angel lights or HID kit . After alot of wondering the pros and cons which im not sure thought would be best to get some opinons ... Cheers Joe
  17. Anyone used this Ebay HID kit?

    Just wondered if anyone had used these, and how much hassle you think they would be to fit? Cheers http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/New-HID-Bi-Xenon-Projector-Halo-Headlamp-kit-H1-H7-6k_W0QQitemZ220424092048QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM?hash=item33524cb990#ht_2006wt_1165
  18. tweedz

    HID Kit?

    Anyone got one on a mk5? really wish i got the xenon extra now because the lighting is just pathetic i have had some cheap 'xenon' bulbs off ebay but they werent the best really so does anyone have a 6000k or a 8000k kit? if so which oneeee? thanks :confused:
  19. flegz16

    Topmount and HID questions

    hello firstly, iv got some coilovers and my mate will soon be fitting them to my cupra. While there getting fitted i'm going to change top mounts and bearing. iv been told that ibizas only have top mounts and bearing at the front of the car is this right? secondly, i'm after fitting some...
  20. Plug & Play HID's

    Hi, Considering some HID's for my FR and after looking around the internet there are a few kits that connect to the existing bulb connectors - just wondering if anyone has any experience of these? Also which one should I go for in terms of the output? Is 6000k the best to give the nice...
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