1. ChrisUK

    HID vs Xeon

    HID vs Xenon Hi all, Can anyone tell me the difference between the two - are they the same but with different names, or completely different technology ? Thanks
  2. danieltm

    HID and sidelight bulb?

    I want to change my sidelights and fullbeam bulbs to match my HID kit, What bulbs would look good with the HID colour? Thanks guys! ;)
  3. ibiza_95

    HID Relay fitting guide (Image links dead)

    As some of the MK2 owners know, fitting HID's can cause all sorts of issues to the resetting of clocks and lights flashing etc... Heres how to wire the HID's so that they run off a relay mounted in the engine bay. You will need to do this to both sides of the circuit eg: left and right...
  4. Chrisdaman

    HID help, photos of your wiring please

    i'm gna have a go at wiring my mydepots HID kit. need some help as wiring is not my strong point, any body wired them themselves, and could you take pictures of the wiring please. Of everything would be nice, wiring into the ballast, away from the ballast etc any help mucho appreciated...
  5. M87NER

    Getting hold of HID

    Right, One of my mates can get hold of 8000k hid's for £117-free fitting and 15 months warrenty. He has just had them fitted to his car tonight and they look awesome! Is this an alright price for this conversion? I have searched and some people can get them from £70! where from...
  6. hid query

    hi all i recently purchased a 6000k hid kit for my mk1 leon. i like the look of the 8000k as much bluer. is it possible to buy the 8000k bulbs of ebay and use them with my ballasts i have already got? the new bulbs come with a wire loom that will fit my original kit cheers
  7. why does installing HID change your headlight allignment?

    May sound like a silly question...but everyone allways says to get your headlights alligned after installing HIDs, but from the guides etc I have read and 100's of threads I have searched I cant see why? Surely it's just the same as changing a regular bulb? because even when installing the...
  8. Big_Lad

    HID Problem

    Ok, I've just spent the morning fitting my HID's, all tucked away nicely underneath the head lights, but when turn them on, the drivers side is blowing the 7.5A fuse under my dash. The passenger one is fine, any one had a similar problem, there's no point me replacing the fuse like-for-like as...
  9. ChrisUK

    Installed HID's

    Hi all, Just a quick one to let you know of another happy customer of Diannes-shop on Ebay :) Took me 2 hours to install (taking my time & figuring it all out lol) - but all are working and looking VERY nice. Mounted the drivers side ballast on the existing screw by the light (upside...
  10. Becks

    Angel Eyes / HID

    Was having a look at the angel eyes on ebay and seriously considering them, but also wanting HID conversion. Is it possible to do both??? If not whats the issue with it?? Thanks
  11. DaNnY_LaD

    What HID kit for my mk4 1.8 20v cupra

    I want to get some hids for my cupra but were can i get them from also what bulds do i need and what watts the 6000k ones or 8000k ones.. thanks
  12. Finally ordered my HID's and dog bone

    AS the title suggests I have finally ordered my HID's and dog bone bush today. Got a bit bored and the debit card was within reach when I was at the computer whoops! I can't wait for the bits to arrive! Just a couple questions....firstly regarding the HID, I've gone for 6000k and got some...
  13. Driver Side HID flickering

    Hey Chaps, I recently bought a set of HIDs of ebay. The set from Diane shop that a lot of people seem to of bought. I've had them a couple of weeks and everything seemed fine. But just today, the driver side light started to flicker. Sometimes it would flicker slightly. Others, very badly...
  14. MDS

    Got XENON HID ? See this ...

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVuSSdZNsZw Enjoy ...;)
  15. HID fog lights

    As anyone changed their fog lights to HID's. As you know there's loads on here about HID headlights, and LED sidelights, but what about the fogs? Anyone done anything with these to get rid of the 'yellow' from the front?
  16. lc_allan

    Cheers BCM - HID's Fitted

    Thanks to BCM and the the link to the ebay guy selling the cheep HID's I have now just fitted them. (6000K) :D I also fitted Osram Diadem indicator bulbs and LED sidelights (not very bright but match the HID's :( ) I took my time as it is a fiddly job and managed to go without a hitch...
  17. HID Conversion

    I will have my LCR mid next week hopefully and i would like to do a HID conversion. I would like info on; Easy to install or does it have to be done by someone who knows what they are doing? I want them to be as Blue as possible and not white and what actual kit i will need to do this? as i...
  18. Stuck in the middle of HID fitting - HELP

    Hey guys. Can anyone here give me some quick advice on fitting some HIDs. I've positioned the HID bulb into place and it only fits one way as designed I presume. The trouble is, due to the wiring out the back of the bulb I can't reattach the pressure clip to hold it in place. I can't...
  19. craig87

    HID kit, aerial

    Anyone know what kit i can get for my cupra and also how easy it is to fit??? Also does anyone know what aerial i should get as mine has snapped off?! Thanks for the help guys
  20. AdamRoutley

    Best bulbs? Nearest to HID brightness

    i know this has probley been asked before, and have searched but i cant find my answer.. which are the brightest/whitest bulbs i can buy without going HID? im looking for direct replacements and which bulbs sizes do i need to buy? i gather that the H7 are the main beam, and the...
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