1. deedaskrh

    Quick HID question

    Right i know pretty much what HID stuff i need for my LCR what i do need to know is do i need to get ballasts etc for each HID application ie Dipped H7 1x Kit? Full beam H1 1x kit? Fogs 1x H3 kit? or is there some sort of hub which will run them all? i hope that makes sense
  2. Where to get a HID kit?

    Ive had Clio 172s and 182s before the Leon ive just bought, and they come with factory xenons. I said id never buy another car without them, but obv you cant get them as standard on the Mk1, so im going to retrofit them. Where have people bought them from, and is 6000k the normal xenon look?
  3. Hid's

    what hid kit would i need for a ibiza 1.4 vibe and where would be the best place to get them from
  4. simonthekane

    Beam Pattern with HID Kit

    Hello, Does anyone have any photos of the beam pattern with an HID kit on a cupra ? Im thinking of perhaps getting a kit, does the headlight need any modifications as if im not happy with them can they be swapped back easy enough without any damage ?? Thanks
  5. marv_n69

    HID Kits

    Hello all my fellow Seat drivers, HID lights.....Are they the bright white type lights that your get in Audi, BMW etc? If so can anyone suggest where i can purchase some for my Leon Cupra R(54) and also what exactly i need to buy ;-) Cheers Martin
  6. kyle18uk

    3000k hid question

    well i want to buy a new hid kit, got 6000k at the moment and there just too blue for me, thinking of buying 3000k ones, there a golden yellow colour. These would be ok right? pass an mot? thanks, kyle
  7. fitting HID's

    hello! had a read on the other HID lights threads and little confused about how to fit them. I've bought a set of bi xenon hid lights off ebay so i have dipped and full beam hid instead of just dipped as I drive lot of unlit country roads so need full beam as well really. how do I fit them...
  8. adm013

    HID problems

    Hi there, just wondering if anyone else has had these issues or similar. I have fitted 6000k HIDS on my dipped and main beams H1 and H7R bulb kits and i have gone through 4 ballasts under warranty in 2 months, they are all random, by that i mean it isn't the dipped ones all the time and...
  9. ibiza staff

    lovin the splitter and hid bulb kits

    hey up guys, popped the lcr splitter on yesterday, wawawewa! personaly i think it looks cracking now has really set the front end of. also anyone know where i can get a hid bulb kit from? decent quality and decent price?cheers
  10. motty_90

    Ebay Hid Kits?

    Can someone show me what hid kit i need on ebay for a cupra? i want the 6000k but not sure about anything else. Cheers
  11. meltonlad

    anyone fitted HID'S

    ive just ordered some 6k h7r from hids4u. but has anyone fitted them to there mk2 tolly if so where did you put it all ? and is it easy to do ? :happy:
  12. HID Kit

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/SLIM-HID-XENON-CONVERSION-KIT-H7-6000K-Ballast-Bulb_W0QQitemZ310157934929QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM?hash=item4836da8151&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14 Does that look OK to everyone else? Just wanted to make sure as it seems pretty cheap... I did look...
  13. hid right?

    Hi Today I had installed a HID kit to my mk4 ibiza.I got it from my friend who had crashed his car and had the kit. My question is: I have installed the bulb in its place and connected it to the ballast,however,there are too wires that come out from the ballast(black and blue-with...
  14. CJRamze

    HID's (but not the normal HID Question)

    Now, I had an Ibiza 1.9TDI I fitted my HID's to that car and was never quite happy with the height of the beam. Now I have a cupra and the same applys so I'm obviously doing something wrong. Now, Most people say "My HID's are too bright, Or too high up, or people are flashing me" Mine is the...
  15. HID lights

    thinking about putting HID conversion onto my ibiza sport, is it worth doing? kits are roughly £150 i think or seen bulbs that claim to give a brighter/whiter light, are these any good? thanks
  16. Big_daddy


    wanting to get some HID, there was seller on ebay, that alot of members baught HID for they ibiza, with alot of postive feedback. THink it was seller called dane or something Cant seem to find the seller, can any one help.
  17. s1l3nc3r

    Fitted HID,s

    Fitted my HID kit when it arrived today got the 6k ones removed the battery for easy access to the pasanger side fitting was straight forward... its been said before but they are friggin awsome really pleased with them for the price...:D
  18. hid's in angel eyes

    just to clear something up i have read on here is that alot of people are saying you cannot fit hid's into angel eyes on a leon mk1 without modifying the angel eyes well just to clear that up i have fitted them into my angel eyes without any messing around what so every it took me around 10 mins...
  19. cheaps links for 4300K hid's

    Hi guys, thinking about putting in HID's, not sure about the 6000k, could be too strong as i have a black LC Please can you tell me where would be a good place i can buy from, had a look on diane shop on ebay but there is only 6000k on there any help would be great
  20. Help please, HID's

    Hi everyone, Been looking most of the day for threads on HID kits Havent been able to find any parts numbers or what site is best to buy from Just looking for a part code and website so i can order quick and easy without lots more hours of research. Thinking about the phillips ?? Looking...
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