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Wheel choice


Active Member
Sep 27, 2018
Looking like I need new alloys for my white Cupra R, and can’t decide, current short list below, any ideas comments would help.


Active Member
Aug 17, 2018
A white car needs black wheels in my mind.
I've had a set of those Cades wheels, they're nice but the OZ ST GT are a better wheel if budget allows. I'd be buying a set of those in black if it were me.
I'd only buy the cheaper wheel if I needed tyres too and buying the OZs meant crap tyres due to budget.


Active Member
Jun 4, 2008
South Scotland
Slightly off topic question, though still connected with replacing OEM alloys with aftermarket alloys - which brand or type of locking wheel bolts are people buying for using with their aftermarket wheels, bearing in mind that most if not all aftermarket alloys seem to have a slightly smaller diameter of counterbore, and as well prohibiting the use of the normal bolt caps also end up with not being able to fit the typical McGard locking wheel bolt adaptor down into without scuffing the paint?

Obviously any aftermarket wheel not rated as being OEM will need to be fitted using 60 degree tapered seat bolts and not the original VW Group R13 ie radiused seat bolts.
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