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Yet More Locking Probs

paul geraghty

Das Booted Brigade
Right the other week the door lock failed on the beeza so I got a second hand one and fitted all back to normal until......

The girlfriend was at work in it and when she came out unlocked it as usual and the central locking kept making the whurring noise it makes as the locks open it continued for about a minute now there is no noise and the central locking does not work.

Is there a easy way to tell if its the central locking pump

or if its a air problem

or the new lock is causing a problem?


Veggie powered TDi's
Feb 16, 2008
if you go to the pump, should be in the boot, you can check there is a supply to the pump, if not then you would need to follow that back, if there is a supply when you press the button but you can't hear the pump working then it would sound like the pump is faulty, if you can hear the pump working but not locking/ unlocking the doors I would say air leak.


Not a Member
Dec 2, 2008
right, i have the same problem, only the only time you cn hear the pump working is when you LOCK the passenger side and it does not lock any other door, only the petrol cap cover.

m8s told me to get a new pump, only it is the most un accessible thing in the world. any ideas???

[email protected]

Back older greyer and less oilier but always hope
Jun 19, 2001
the pumps wrapped up in foam in the osr rear 1/4 and can be just about manhandled out and they work on air pressure as you know and love and hear everytime u lock - brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

they suck/blow for unlock/lock when operated until a set pressure is reached and then cut off when it's reached

if you hear the pump running for longer than 'usual' standard is what 5 seconds and iirc it will cut off at 30sec anyway then it is a sign of a leak somewhere in the system

the main green pipe leaves the pump and joins up to a junction then from there off to the doors/boot/fuel flap so any leak in any of those will render it blowing 30 sec and not locking

best way i test them is to remove the systems from the junction and test them on the pump one by one
or by sucking/blowing each pipe - DONT use high pressure or an airline as a previous thread of mine will reveal

from memory :

green : front doors
blue : boot lock
red : fuel flap

front doors are rare to quit / fuel flap usually gives up first / boot lock seal is very light and can be known to pop off very easily

you'll need logic patience and good lungs :) but perservere - it can be done

paul geraghty

Das Booted Brigade
right I belive now its the lock but gonna get a pump too in case its too much of a coincidence that they went so close together when I investigated the other day i made sure the air pipe was connected to the the lock but it pulled the plastic piece off that actuates the lock so it must be this right? :cry:
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