Anti Roll Bars and Installation

Written by Pabs

Anti Roll bars help to keep the car stiff when cornering – stopping the flexing makes the car handle better but can induce unwanted side effects, such as under steer or over steer.

The SEAT Leon is renowned for understeering, and so a lot of people install a rear ARB (the Leon doesnt have one as std) to counteract the understeer effect. However, as I had recently lowered my car I found that on potholes or cornering my std anti-roll-bar rubbed on the driveshaft – due to the lowering the hoops on the std ARB wasnt big enough, and so I had to tackle this problem at the same time.

The H&R Kit retails at about £250+VAT+ Delivery. Compared to the Neuspeed bars (£250 each) this is much cheaper. The only other alternative is Eibach – but these are like golddust and just are not available anywhere unless you want a 12 week+ wait!

  1. H&R sell an ARB kit which consists of a 26mm front bar and a 22mm rear bar. This worried me slightly, as I was certain that most kits had bigger rear bars, but I was assured by the retailer (BigBoysToys) that this wouldn’t be an issue.arbsmall
  2. At the same time, the H&R kit has bigger hoops on the front ARB, meaning that the knocking/rubbing would disappear, as the bar would be further away from the drive shaft.hoop
  3. Here is the rear ARB fitted to my car – showing the connection from the bar to right hand side of my car. Installation of the rear bar should be really easy to do.rearright
  4. This shows one of the clamps in the middle of the bar.middlerear2
  5. And here is a close up of the other clamp.clampclose

Overall, I’m very happy with the kit. The knocking at the front of the car has gone completely, and the car feels much more rigid, especially when cornering.

I can’t say that the understeer has improved or got worse, it seems to be about the same as before. Which is good enough for me 🙂


  • Arma
  • February 19, 2018
what size of clamp you were using?