1. cooling fan not working

    hey everyone so i have a mk3 seat leon 2013 and it started to overheat and i noticed that the cooling fan not spinning when the engine heats up. anyway to diagnose the problem and how to fix it ? thank you
  2. Reese Hodgers

    Bent Drop Link

    Anybody ever have this happen with OEM drop link? Wheel and rim are in perfect condition and dont remember going over any ramps too hard or into any bad potholes, I'm amazed. Ibiza 1.2 tsi FR 2017
  3. 1.2 TSI Ibiza - P334B P334C - turbo issues

    Hi, Seat Ibiza 1.2 TSI. My car recently started entering limp mode randomly with both the EPC light and Engine Management Light appearing, went to my local garage to get it checked out and got the following code back : P334B00 - Boost Pressure Actuator - mechanical fault So, after having a...
  4. ZakG

    New Member

    Hi all, New member based in the North West. Currently looking at getting an Ibiza 1.4 ACT FR as a second car, hopefully around the 2014 mark, is there anyone with one who could tell me what they think of it? Or even anyone with a 1.2 FR as I may end up settling for one of them if I can't find...
  5. Oil Consumption Problem with Seat Leon 1.2 TSI 2014

    Guys, Please help me out! My Seat Leon 1.2 TSI 2014 started consuming too much oil since last service. Approximately it consumes 1 litre for every 500km which is too much; I usually top up 1 liter every 2000km. Current mileage is 146,000km Did anyone experience similar problem? I just...
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