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cooling fan not working


Active Member
Jun 4, 2008
South Scotland
I'd think that your best plan is to use Google as this is a common problem for all VW Group marques, maybe search using "VW Golf engine cooling fan problems". Basically there are fuses that might have blown, but why, an inline resistor to give the fan its first ie slow running speed, if it fails the the engine heats up to far before the fan switches on at fast speed, the thermal sensor that is mounted in the radiator can fail and not switch the fan(s) on, wiring failure can cause of this issue, and of course teh fan bearing might have seized up which will mean replacing the fan assembly and probably fuse(s).
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Brian Gordon-Stables

Active Member
Jan 16, 2020
Leicestershire, UK
Hiya - is the radiator hot? With the common water pump failures in Leon's, the rad doesn't get any hot water in it, so the fan won't come on and the car overheats.

If the radiator is getting hot then it might be as RUM4MO suggested and you'll need to fault find.
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