mk3 leon

  1. saharv2

    Body Panels How to soundproof your doors mk3

    Hey guys ! I have been searching for a detailed guide how to soundproof / soundeaden your doors and couldn't really find something detailed enough. So I made a DETAILED video myself, should be enough for an avarage user and also added links for the materials I used in the description of the...
  2. Lozzy15

    GPS and satnav How To Remove The Glovebox & Media Unit

    Hi guys & gals, Nice and simple how to for you today. I will be showing you how to remove the glovebox, which also involves removing the nav/media unit to do so, so I'll show you how to do that too. This is realtively easy to do and shouldn't take long. Removing the glovebox gives better access...
  3. No MIB in MK3 Leon??

    So a couple months ago I bought Mk3 Leon, 2013 plate. Was on for a very low price so I purchased it but only issue that I find now, months later is that there's no MIB in the glovevox? So the question is, is there anyway of getting one installed/coded? I know of course there's always the dealer...
  4. cooling fan not working

    hey everyone so i have a mk3 seat leon 2013 and it started to overheat and i noticed that the cooling fan not spinning when the engine heats up. anyway to diagnose the problem and how to fix it ? thank you
  5. TDI Tuning vs Revo map

    I'm thinking of getting my Mk3 Leon FR remapped (2.0 TDI 150PS) When looking online (apart from a custom remap) the main two companies I can find are Revo and TDI tuning, the main difference between the two being the revo map is a remap of my ECU, and the TDI tuning being a tuning box that...
  6. Sean McNally

    Lowering Spring/Coilover suggestions MK3 1.6TDI

    Hey guys looking a few suggestions/pictures if possible on lowering springs/coilovers ive searched the forum and seen some nice pics of some FR’s and Cupra’s which are spot on but wondering if anyone like myself has a measly 1.6tdi mk3 and could help, im mostly looking to improve the look of the...
  7. R45HU

    Fuel smell in car!

    Hello folks I was wondering if someone could help me so my wife has Seat Leon FR 2.0 TDI 184 bhp. I have had a lot of fuel related issues which are now sorted , in tank fuel pump replaced , fuel regulator valve changed on the fuel rail as car kept going in to limp mode. Car is driving fine now...
  8. OJ9693

    Fan washer jets

    I have a 1.4 FR and can not seem to find any fan washer jets (that aren't from china) that fit my car AND ones i found i don't know if they fit and have zero good reviews.. Anybody have a link to some on eBay or another website?
  9. OJ9693

    Red Halogen or LED footwell bulbs

    I want to swap my footwell bulbs for red to match the ambient door lights. I have just had a look to see if they were LED as i've browsed other posts and people said they were, however mine are W5W Halogen. Now my question is can i simply swap these for LED bulbs or will this produce faults...
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