1. Single clunk when braking/accelerating from a stop!

    Hi, I've been having this weird clunk noise coming from the front end of the car. My car is a 2005 1.9TDI Seat Leon (1M) When i start braking there is a single clunk coming from the front end of the car. Mainly happens when coming to a stop. When i pull away again there is another clunk as if...
  2. Strange Tdi 130bhp mpg problem

    Strange Tdi 130bhp mpg problem Hi folks iv got a strange problem my mpg has gone down a lot only when engine/ water is cold My instant mpg is reading terrible mpg between 8 and 35mpg when cold I know it uses more diesel in cold conditions but is gone down a lot more lately more than when...
  3. Waterpump on 1.9PD TDI 130bhp (ASZ Engine)

    Well, half way through doing my cambelt on my ibiza 2003 1.9 TDI ASZ Engine. And all was going well until i come to swap the waterpump. I tried to pop the new one in and it was a no-go..... The impellar was too big, and even if the impellar went in im not sure that the seal would have...
  4. Ibiza 1.9tdi SE, can it be remapped to 130bhp?

    Hi I was looking at an Ibiza Sport with the VRS engine on an 02 plate but have seen something on an 05, only thing is that it's an SE with the 100bhp engine. Could I get this up to 130ish quite easily? I know i'd also be losing 6th gear though. Thanks
  5. Buyer's guide Seat Ibiza 2004 1.9 TDI FR 130bhp - Common problems / what to look for?

    Can anybody suggest things that i should look for when buying an ibiza tdi fr? Are there any things that are notorious for going wrong? When is the timing belt change due? This car has covered 53k. Please can people give me tips of things i should be looking for as this is a private...
  6. How do you tell its 130bhp?

    When looking at a mk4 Ibiza TDi Sport, how do you tell if its 100bhp or 130bhp? Does the 6 speed gearbox only come on the 130bhp? Any other things that determine the models?
  7. Cupra Tdi Intake, On My Tdi Sport 130bhp

    ok i want the cupra intake for my mk4 tdi sport, were can i get this from and how much will it cost me. im having a remap on friday and think maybe best to upgrade to the cupra intake. thanks
  8. my new ibiza tdi sport 130bhp

    picking it up wednesday and cant wait, sorry for the crap pics its on a 03 plate with only 27k on the clock from the seat dealers :p
  9. MK Ibiza TDI Sport 130bhp

    Hi Does anyone know what the torque settings should be for the top strut mount please on a rear shock abosrber. The one that fastens the mount to the shock. thanks very much. Jim
  10. Any tips...ibiza tdi 130bhp Sport

    Going to look at an ibiza tdi 130bhp sport 52 reg tonight 37k, 3 door, glacier blue Anything to look out for/tips up for £6150

    leon 130bhp & 150bhp FR

    i want to ask how much you pay for road tax. please can anyone help.
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