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  1. RS6

    benefits of fitting a dv

    being a newbie when it comes to engines can someone help what is the benefit of fitting a forge DV already had a TIP fitted just going through my notes when i joined on here and was recommended to get one along with a few other things that i understand, not sure if a DV is just for noise...
  2. lcrboy

    the benefits of TBE + REMAP fo k1

    hi dudes already got my k1 mapped 285bhp on dyno, looking to buy full milly non res! what sort of bhp will i gain? my mates just got new focus rs 305 BHP, and im hating the thought of him passing me lol........
  3. Benefits of a miltek new zorst

    As the title sudgest's really! If i was to get a Miltek back, what improvements would i see? Cheers peeps [B)]
  4. DJ Walkers

    remap stage 2 benefits???

    i have my cupra jabbasport remapped to 240ish bhp and wondering what benefits i'd gain from upgrading the map to stage 2? cheers
  5. Any benefits from S3 Throttle body?

    Hi guys, i've got a 2002 1.8 20V Leon Cupra 180bhp, would an Audi S3 throttle body give any benefit at all?
  6. Dodson

    Benefits Of Changing Top Mounts

    Well ill be putting my coilovers back on very soon, and im just wondering if i should change my top mounts and bearings and what benefits will be. The car has done about 56,000 miles.
  7. What are the benefits of a bonnet seal?

    As above? Those who have it, what does it actually do for you? Just thought I would ask the question as I was reading how do you close your bonnet thread and thought why do people get this bonnet seal thing? I have seen the part number and might order one when I am at the stealers...
  8. Benefits from this mod?????

    Away to get a lcr in the next few mths and was given a brand new apexi AVC_R for nothing so am going to put it in the lcr when i get it. is it worth it and what benefit wil i get not bother if theer is non as i just like the look of it to tell the truth. the mod that i will be getting for the...
  9. chris999

    Benefits With Strut Braces

    Just wandering are any true benifits with strut braces or not cos i keep hearing mixed opions on them.:doh:
  10. Any benefits going from 205/55/16 to 225/45/17 ?

    I'm thinking of switching the Passat's 16" alloys with 205/55/16 tyres to some 17s, probably running 225/45/17 tyres. Would this have much benefit with regards to handling ? Obviously they'd look better but that's not what I'm interested in...wondered if the lower tyre profiles would...
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