black magic

  1. jdmsx

    Mk5 Ibiza 6j 2.0tdi FR

    Hey everyone, been a member on the site since I picked up my Ibiza just around a year ago and never thought to create a thread until now. Seeing as though the 2.0tdi ibizas are a dying breed, I thought I’d see if I could find some other owners or people interested in them. Few modifications...
  2. What Mods? SEAT IBIZA FR BLACK 1.2 TSI

    What mods do you think I should do on my Seat Ibiza Fr Black tsi 1.2? Need Ideas.....
  3. mjstokes85

    My Mk4 facelift Ibiza Cupra TDi

    My facelift Ibiza Cupra 1.9TDi, got it Saturday, absolutely amazing car. Previous owner was sad to see her go, he is actually on the forums so if you see this Liam, I am looking after her as promised. Having previously had an Ibiza SX 1.2, I cannot believe the power this has, it actually scares...
  4. Bedlam

    "Black Magic" Paint

    Can anyone confirm whether SEAT "Black Magic" is the same colour/shade as Skoda "Black Magic" ?
  5. Ballie

    paint quality "black magic" owners please coment.

    Hi, As a previous ebony black Leon cupra R owner whos paint quality was to be polite rubbish compared to my mates platinum R. can owners of mk4 ibizas let me know what the quality of the paint of the black magic metallic is like or other colours even? Hows it holding up to stone chips...
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