brake lights

  1. Jess166

    Electrical problems with my Seat Altea XL

    Hi, my right hand side registration light is not working along with my left break light, rear wiper or any of my cigarette lighters in the car I have checked all bulbs and fuses to no avail is there anything else I can try or do I need to give in and take it to an auto electrician? TIA
  2. afraserb

    Pulsating/Flashing brake light

    Hi, I have a 2007 Seat Ibiza Formula Sport with flashing/pulsating brake lights. It only happens when the lights are turned on and I am not pressing down the brake pedal, however the lights stay on as they should when I press down the brake pedal. There is no pattern with the flashing, just...
  3. Brake Lights Staying on

    Hi All, I have just joined, so treat me gently !! Lol Recently bought my Daughter a Seat Ibiza EcoMotive 1.4 Diesel. A couple of days ago the brake lights decided to stay on , all the time as son as you turn the ignition on, and driving along. I have had a good look online, and everything...
  4. Brake lights doing peculiar things

    Hi everyone. I was greeted by my garage window flickering red at me yesterday morning. All three brake lights seem to be going bananas when the car is off. I've done as much searching as I can but now I'm stuck. The lights flicker (or sometimes stay on for a while) if the ignition is on or...
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