1. Seat ibiza Chassis

    Im yet to get my seat ibiza 2011 but I was wondering if the cupra R has the same chassis and if an engine swap would be possible?
  2. Mk2 Leon BTCC Chassis - For Sale on eBay

    Just for interest, there's a Mk2 Leon BTCC Chassis for sale on ebay. Apparently it's a brand-new unused chassis, prep'd by Seat Sport. But is minus an engine etc. Reserve is only @ £8k, although I reckon it will go for a lot more.
  3. Chassis changes Mk 3 to Mk 4?

    I'm trying to get a towbar to fit my Dec 2001 Ibiza. But there appears to be a chassis change and I'm finding it's not proving at all easy. Was the Mk 4 the same as the Mk 3? If so is it possible that the Mk 4 hardware would fit?? Any comments would be welcome. Malcolm
  4. Cal91

    Whats a Sport CHASSIS?

    Just bought a Formula Sport and apparently it has a Sport CHASSIS. So what's that then? I noticed the DAB models have this spec too. Does this mean it just has rear disks? Or does it have FR suspension or something? [B)]
  5. Chassis number

    Hi quick question where is the chassis number located on my mk2 cupra 16v am tryin to get parts from seat an they need this number thanks
  6. Chassis Upgrade

    Hi all After Eibach replaced my front coilovers when they broke, I decided to go on a bit of a handling mission lol. I have fit the Eibach 25mm ARB kit (front and rear), the coilovers set up properly and 4 wheel lazer alignment. Just ordered a few goodies, bit of a Christmas prezzie...
  7. Need to know where chassis number is on a 2001 Ibiza mk3 1.4 chill

    Hi im thinking of buying an ibiza chill 2001 for my second car. (im only 17 so this is the highest i can afford on the insurence) Im just doing the normal checks but can only find the vin number on a metal sticker in the engine bay and a paper sticker in the boot. these dont seem to be...
  8. Chassis number

    Hello, Can someone give his chassisnumber of a MK.4 of 2008? It's to order a UK foglight to install on my Belgian Ibiza. My dealer doesn't want to order without chassisnumber. To have them both red. THX people.
  9. killer205

    what chassis is the ibiza 1998

    can anyone tell me what chassie the ibiza 1998 is the same as EG. the golf mk3 or mk2 thanks
  10. JB!

    Chassis Questions

    Right. What bits from other VAG cars fit ibizas? I am under the impression it's mk2 golf subframe & wishbones with a polo 6n rear beam? What upgraded engine mounts can I use? What polybushes fit? What anti-roll bars fit? Can i use mk2/rado G60 braided hosesfor the front an Mk2...
  11. Pabs

    Squeeking/ Squealing rolling chassis - can't identify the source. Brakes?

    Hey folks, Embarassing problem more than anything really, but I've noticed that my car is squeeking LOTS, when moving at slow speeds (usually in traffic). Not related to engine, as with clutch in, or in neutral, noise persists. It doesn't do it all the time, but clears as soon as I'm doing...
  12. Which models have the sports chassis?

    Hi Guys, Sorry if this has ben asked a million times before, but things a re bit desperate right now. Just snapped a front spring:headhurt: (fu**ing:censored: A303 through Blackdown Hills). I need to get a new pair of springs, but have no idea whether or not my car is one with the sports...
  13. BKR

    chassis and suspension

    now let me just get this straight. the chassis and suspension on the mk4 6L ibiza is the same as the polo 9N and the audi a2 ok just tell me to stop beeing stupid and get on with it! :popcorn:
  14. captin_urbis

    Bent Chassis Leg

    so i crashed the other day, not much damage got pics .... so took it all off, went scrappers and then got there, looking for the front end, thought polo was same, so lookin at that, its not, so founds a corby (1.6 with aircon lol might nab the whole system for mine lol) trying...
  15. chassis help!!

    Hi newbie member here, i have just had my front springs go on my seat leon 20vt sport, the problem is the independent garage need to know if it is a sports chassis i have or not. as i am not clued up on these things i phoned my local seat dealer and they didnt know, unbelievable seat not knowing...
  16. Engine and chassis number!

    could somebody please tell me where I can find the engine and chassis number of my Ibiza Cupra! I require them for insurance reasons but cant seem to see them in the engine bay. Many thanks
  17. exsaxoboy!

    chassis type?

    Hi, im about to order some new suspension off a bloke off the lupo site, but i need to know my chassis type. The bloke thinks its a 6k2 and i think it just a 6k. My car is a y rej 2001 cupra 1.8t. Is there any difference. Cheers
  18. chrisbond69

    cupra r brake and code and chassis number

    does anyone know the brake id code for the brembo set up on the cupra r and a chassis code im doing a bit of bartering
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