cupra formentor

  1. Cupra Formentor front parking sensor upgrade

    Hi Guys, Recently I bought base model of Cupra Formentor which came without front parking sensors which I think is disgrace for the company when another cheap cars are having this feature. I would like to ask if any of you upgraded Formentor by adding front parking sensors? If yes - How much...
  2. Help with a loud rattle

    Hello, I've been experiencing a loud rattle coming from what I think is the front right corner. I've been back to the mechanics 2 times and each time they said that everything is perfectly fine under the hood and under the car. The rattle only appears when I drive on uneven road surfaces and it...
  3. H Rafiq


    Tesco, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent.
  4. Swap the standard front bumper for the VZ5

    Hi all! Since I saw the Formentor VZ5 I loved the front of the car. I own the VZ 310, I've been looking for parts to change the "standard" front end for the VZ5. Check the ETKA for the BOM list for the change, the bumper is the same, only change the lower parts. Component file attachment...
  5. cernbog

    Can you connect to Android Auto wireless ?

    Good morning fellow Formentor heads, I've recently purchased the new Pixel 6 and it seems that there are some issues with the new "improved" Android Auto on Android 12, which they merged with Google Maps and crated the "Driver Mode". With this phone, although having disabled anything battery...
  6. Hello from Bucharest

    Hello, I'm from Romania, I own a 2012 Leon 1.2 TSI and a new Formentor VZ 1.4 eHybrid 245. Unfortunatelly I've discovered this forum while searching for infotainment issues. Hopefully the rough start will be forgotten after many years with pure Cupra joy.
  7. Ms515

    Short number plate front mount

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has found a short front number plate mount for the Cupra Formentor? I have a 5 digit number plate and have a legal short version plate, it looks fine on my current Ateca as the grille/ plate surround is gloss and patterned to match the grille opening.. Any...
  8. RobinRizla

    Rubbish brakes and feels slow

    My missus took delivery of her Formentor last Thursday and i noticed the brakes were a bit rubbish, you have to push them really hard to get them to bite properly. I thought this would get better once bedded in but a week later and they have not improved! I also was surprised at how slow the car...
  9. 2021_CUPRA_Formentor_VZ5-wheel-detail-rear.jpg


  10. 2021_CUPRA_Formentor_VZ5-wheel-detail.jpg


  11. 2021_CUPRA_Formentor_VZ5-carbon-fibre-rear-exhaust-detail.jpg


  12. 2021_CUPRA_Formentor_VZ5-carbon-fibre-front-detail-top-down-splitter.jpg


  13. 2021_CUPRA_Formentor_VZ5-carbon-fibre-front-detail.jpg


  14. 2021_CUPRA_Formentor_VZ5-boot-detail-and-badges.jpg


  15. 2021_CUPRA_Formentor_VZ5-18.jpg


  16. 2021_CUPRA_Formentor_VZ5-17.jpg


  17. 2021_CUPRA_Formentor_VZ5-16.jpg


  18. 2021_CUPRA_Formentor_VZ5-15-MagneticTechMatt.jpg


  19. 2021_CUPRA_Formentor_VZ5-14.jpg


  20. 2021_CUPRA_Formentor_VZ5-13.jpg


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