Swap the standard front bumper for the VZ5

Dec 31, 2021
Hi all! Since I saw the Formentor VZ5 I loved the front of the car. I own the VZ 310, I've been looking for parts to change the "standard" front end for the VZ5. Check the ETKA for the BOM list for the change, the bumper is the same, only change the lower parts. Component file attachment.

Components are:
N° 15: 5FF 853 667 D 041

N° 16 LEFT: 5FF 853 665 L 041
N° 16 RIGHT: 5FF 853 666 L 041

N° 41 LEFT: 5FF 805 903 C 9B9
N° 41 RIGHT: 5FF 805 904 C 9B9

N° 38 LEFT: 5FF 807 061
N° 38 RIGHT: 5FF 807 062

N° 20: 5FF 805 467 9B9

N° 9: 5FF 805 902 D 1XZ

I have been looking for where to buy the components but I have not found a supplier. Does anyone know where to find it?

Thanks in advance!


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Dec 31, 2021
I am waiting for them to answer me. I also wanted to know if someone has done it, or wants to do it, or they have any information of suppliers. Just another way apart from the dealer.
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