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  1. Evoms cold air intake for Leon cupra 2008 model needed

    Is this the best intake for sound and performance on the Seat Leon Cupra 2008 model Im from South Africa and currently Evoms and BSH leading market Whats the best price u can offer me including good efficient shipment to south africa (cape town). If someone has a second hand one i will also be...
  2. hubbly_bubbly

    EVOMS Cone Enclosure

    I wanted to quieten down the overbaring sound of the intake for daily use. During highway driving it is particularly loud at cruising speeds. The noise, which seems to come through the glovebox and passenger footwell, all comes from the cone (well at least with an EVOMS it does), so that needed...
  3. luke07cupra

    New Evoms intake?

    Read this months 'Redline' and 'Performance VW' mags and both have articles featuring the 'new' Evoms intake for K04 based cars such as Cupra, ED30 etc... It looks like the same one they have out already to me so not sure whats going on there :confused:
  4. Looking for EVOMS Filter

    Hey Guys, does anybody know where I can get EVOMS replacement filter for the V-Flow in the UK? I tried to email EVOMS in USA but I get no answer. Need the filter for Germany. Maybe anyone can tell me a dealer :) Thanks Peter
  5. Carr20vt

    Evoms or Dbilas

    As title really. Whats peoples thoughts? One better to fit than the other? Quality? Prices are similar with the heat shield inc. Anyone know which one performs the best? Evoms for the ko4 (not modded ko3) is out this week. I've heared it's louder than Dbilas and gives a woosh on...
  6. micky 32

    Evoms's vs Dbilas noise

    Does anyone know if the dbilas inatke is as noisy as an Evom's , does it still have loud whoosing and dump valve noises?
  7. nibbles

    New present 1.8T V Flow

    Well after convincing myself for a long time not to get an induction kit, i have decided to bite the bullet and had one fitted today, when the car was in for servicing. Robdon was selling one, as it didnt fit his. I am very pleased with the look and the induction roar.Just need to move my...
  8. Evoms or DBilas intake?

    Hi! I want to know what you guys think. I`m going to buy a intake for my leon cupra 2.0 tfsi and i`m thinking of one of this two intakes: Dbilas FlowMaster or Evoms. What do you guys think that will give more HP and sound? http://www.vag-tuner.com/acatalog/Race_Intake.html
  9. Evoms

    Don't know if anybody else has one fitted but i just received mine yesterday and installed straight away..............all i can say is what a difference. The FR is totally standard and the power difference is just unbelievable. Ok, so not mind blowing but i know these have been checked on the...
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