1. Broken Folding Mirror

    Hi everyone. Got a Mk3 2014 FR with Tech pack so has heated folding mirrors and all that. A while back the driverside mirror stopped unfolding automatically, and has to be pulled out hard by hand and no longer locks into place unfolded. It's stiff enough not to rotate while driving (vibrates...
  2. Door jammed shut

    Hi Im having probs with my drivers door on my 1999 toledo,its jammed shut and wont open ? Dont know if this is a common fault or just mine ? but anyone got any ideas wat the prob might be ? I think its the door latch not releasing correctly but just wondered if there any common faults ...
  3. BCM

    Boots jammed shut

    Ok, during the really cold weather we had my boot decided to give up! Unlock it with key, remote or inside button and nothing happens, no unlocking noises or anythin! Any ideas on the likely cause or soloution? Had a wee search but no joy!
  4. Drivers door jammed shut

    I cannot open it from either inside or out! I went to replace the lock barrel a few days ago, though unscrewed too far and lost the ring that holds it in place - fell down the door. So i still have access from the outside (no barrel). it did continue working fine, no problems until now...
  5. Sharky_82

    Inside door handle jammed

    as above, anyone else had this problem? it annoying as i have to drop the window and open the door from the outside - the handle just wont budge - ive tried being persuasive with it but no joy- is it a new cable i need to get? cheers
  6. PhilW

    Boot Jammed Shut? Heres how to open it....

    Forget removing the plastics inside. Here's how to do it with the key. The boot lock only works via central locking when in the VERTICAL position. So get the key vertical when in the lock. Turn it all the way clockwise. Then All the way back anti clockwise, which will be past the...
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