leon 5f

  1. deepfr99

    Leon Mk3 Aerokit

    Hi, Looking for the following parts: 5F0071609 - SEAT Leon 2013-2019 Rear Bumper Aerodynamic Kit 5F0071610 - SEAT Leon 2013 – 2020 Aerodynamic Kit Side Skirts 5dr Also, if possible the SEAT Leon 2013-2020 Double Sport Exhaust Pipe Thanks,
  2. saharv2

    Body Panels How to soundproof your doors mk3

    Hey guys ! I have been searching for a detailed guide how to soundproof / soundeaden your doors and couldn't really find something detailed enough. So I made a DETAILED video myself, should be enough for an avarage user and also added links for the materials I used in the description of the...
  3. Lozzy15

    GPS and satnav How To Remove The Glovebox & Media Unit

    Hi guys & gals, Nice and simple how to for you today. I will be showing you how to remove the glovebox, which also involves removing the nav/media unit to do so, so I'll show you how to do that too. This is realtively easy to do and shouldn't take long. Removing the glovebox gives better access...
  4. Phillips1795

    Coding and programming VCDS - How To Guides - MK3 Leon 5F

    This has been put together from two members on Seatcupra.net JsyCuPrA (Kev) researching on the Internet and Phillips1795 (Zach) making the adjustment on JsyCuPrA MK3 Leon FR. Some images have been used from the ROSS-TECH website. http://www.ross-tech.com/vcds/tour/main_screen.html AS ALWAYS DO...
  5. No MIB in MK3 Leon??

    So a couple months ago I bought Mk3 Leon, 2013 plate. Was on for a very low price so I purchased it but only issue that I find now, months later is that there's no MIB in the glovevox? So the question is, is there anyway of getting one installed/coded? I know of course there's always the dealer...
  6. About time I posted...

    Hello from Oxfordshire! It's only right that I engage with the community if I'm gonna be using the collective brain! I joined last summer when I was in the market for a Leon, eventually bought one (FR, mk3 pre-facelift) and forgot all about the forum til I needed advice this morning on where to...
  7. coiloverspl

    KW Variant 3 MQB 55mm strut

    Hi. For sale KW V3 INOX for MQB platform. These are from 2019 They are in excellent condition. Fully working of course. Price: 1350 Euro EU Shipping possible PayPal payment possible. I give invoice.
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