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leon cupra

  1. Karla

    Leon CUPRA 290 or Leon CUPRA 300 4Drive Estate? Both £259.64 + VAT per month!

    Which one would you choose? The Leon CUPRA 290 or the Leon CUPRA 300 4Drive Estate Both £259.64+vat per month with an initial payment of £778.92+vat on personal contract hire! Limited stock To find out more about this insane offer contact @CUPRATOM on 01462 686341, email...
  2. rikmarot

    2018 Leon Cupra 300 ST - Limited Carbon Edition

    Unfortunately I'm selling my beloved Leon 300 to fund some home projects, it's the 4Drive ST Limited Carbon Edition so comes with all the goodies and is 1 of only 45 cars bought into the UK!! All usual standard Cupra 300 features plus Carbon Edition extras: • Metallic Monsoon Grey • Unique 19"...
  3. Boost gauge install

    Hi, I need some help fitting a digital boost gauge on a Leon Cupra mk2. Basically where do the orange and white wires connect to? Does anyone have any photos at all? I want blue in the day and red at night. Thanks
  4. Purplecupra

    Nice to meet you all. Instagram: purplecupra

    This is my purple seat leon cupra 290. I got it on the 30th August this year. Instagram: purplecupra
  5. Leon FR TDI 184 brakes

    Hi, i found a brake setup, 340mm from a leon cupra 1p mk2 Does anyone know if they are a direct fit into the mk3 ? Thanks
  6. What is the best MK3 Cupra? / Cupra Buying Advice

    Bit of an odd one, but as in the title - when buying a MK3 Leon Cupra, which is the best? In this case, preferably under 20k and taking value for money into account. So, given the above - I understand some special editions have come out over the years, I've heard the Sub8 pack is excellent...
  7. Ryan20

    Mk3 Cupra SC Sub 8 Build

    Hello all :wave: So few month ago I sold my Audi S3 and brought a Mk3 Cupra 290 with full sub8 pack People say it's a budget Golf R but honestly way these things drive who actually cares :bleh:
  8. VAG specialists stuck, not starting Leon tdi

    Hi all, I have a 2004 Leon tdi 1.9 pd150. Currently the car is not starting and any suggestions or help will be massively appreciated. I will give you the full story below. I’ve written key Parts in capitals. -When I bought the car it would take about 10 seconds of cranking to fire but would...
  9. Smyg

    Project Cupra ST 2019

    Hey SCN! :wave: How is everyone doing? Call me SMYG. Proud owner of a 2018/2019 Seat Leon Cupra ST 2.0TSI 4Drive DSG 300 (stupidly long name :whistle:) My project car for 2019 is to create the best looking Seat Leon ST Cupra in Sweden. (See further down below for the "To Do"-list) ¤ When I...
  10. new leon cupra 300 4 drive 7 speed dsg?

  11. Fr Dash fit a Cupra 280 dash

    sooo my cupra 280 2014 was involved in a little accident and the dash and steering wheel airbags deployed so i need to replace the dash my questionis ... can i put the fr dash into my cupra or even another dash from a Mk3 5f into my cupra they look the same i cant see any physical difference...
  12. Low ecu boost problem

    I have a 2015 cupra 280 SC, no mods other than jb1. Later turbo type. Just ran a data log via my jb1. My ecu is only requesting max of 12 psi - about 0.8 bar. I did wonder why the car felt slow. Car is in stock trim, no idea why the ecu requested boost so.low, car feels like it has no turbo...
  13. vcds lite

    can i use vcds lite with my cupra 280 and what functionality does it give? can i do boost checks with VCDS LITE?
  14. Boost VCDS Measuring block number?

    Want to do a specified v actual boost test on my 2015 Leon cupra 280. A mate has VCDS and has asked if I have the measuring block number for the test, can anyone help with this? Cheers
  15. Cupra 300 Modifications on lease vehicle

    Hi Everyone, Can any one suggest any good modifications for a manual 5 door Cupra 300? Slightly limited on the amount of available modifications with it being a lease vehicle but thought here would be the best place to ask seen as though leasing is getting so popular and others may be in the...
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