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  1. CupraR_Lad

    Auto Meter Gauge Bulbs

    Hey guys, I have noticed that the original bulbs and red covers arent that bright in the dials! I ordered these the other day which came today! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250605425601&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT Testing the car in the dark they turn out to be...
  2. AntneeUK

    Fuel economy meter accuracy

    Just how accurate is the readout for fuel economy on these cars? I've just moved job where I now have a much longer drive and it's through Nottingham itself. I'm also in traffic all the way in each direction so no chance to gas it. I've been pleased to see an indicated 30mpg a few times, yet...
  3. m0sch

    jetex cone filter for s3 air flow meter part number ?

    Hello sorry I'm at work so quite restricted does anyone know this part number and a good distributor I could ring as can't really use web at the moment Iv just ordered my air flow meter but everyone asks for the engine code for the filter
  4. Don Eason

    Mass air flow Meter

    Heyya, Just noticed something weird yesterday, my revs started bouncing between 700'ish-1000... I read some posts on here and tried unplugging the Mass air flow sensor/meter and it seemed to have stopped it... My question is, are there any fitting guides? is this something i can do easily...
  5. rocky2008

    oil light on trip meter

    does anyone know how to turn the word oil off that comes on when your car is due a oil change? without using vagcom...just the same way you turn the service message off i guess but ive forgotten how too lol :(
  6. m0sch

    hyundai air flow meter?

    Hey people I need a new air flow meter on my car jus been all parts and the part number of the one I got is only showing up as a hyundai 3.0 xg so no idea what that is doing on there ? Should I get a s3 one to run better with the k04 if so does anyone have a part number or any suggestions ...
  7. Anyone tried a larger Air Flow Meter?

    Just wondered if anyone has tried this upgrade?
  8. apexi rev speed meter

    hi people ive bought a apexi rev speed meter . can anyone tell me if they have put one of these in there cupra and have got a guide for it ive got instructions but all in jap http://www.racinglab.com/aprsrevmet.html any help will be great many thanks
  9. Reset Service meter

    Hi there, I have a 2002 Seat Toledo V5 170BHP and just got it services recently does anyone know how to reset the service meter. its annoying when the light comes up with service now when it is just been services sorry i am new on this forum and found one thread on how to reset that but i...
  10. Replacing MAF meter BOSCH vs. Generic

    Hi, This is me 1st post, sorry if not following protocol. Replacement MAF meter required for my 2002 Leon Cupra (part 06A906461L), and I am wondering if generic replacements are any good? and if any one has experience running one? The reason I ask is that the Bosch part seems much more...
  11. air flow meter

    hi i was just wondering if it would make any differince puttin a cupra r air flow meter on my cupra. thanks
  12. Bazzle

    BAM Air Flow Meter

    Hey there I fitted a GT2x turbo to my car on sat along with the BAM 3" MAF. The MAF is brand-new, but when i plug it in the car cuts out or miss-fires and generaly runs really rough. When i unplug it it runs fine. New maf faulty? or does te fault lie else where? Cheers.
  13. luke07cupra

    MPG meter faulty

    My MPG meter on my trip computer is all over the place so i'm assuming its faulty. I've got vagcom. Does anyone know how i can sort this? I've done an autoscan and cleared any fault codes there were. Didn't notice anything to do with this though and its still reading all sorts of random figures...
  14. airflow meter

    Hi all :help: Sorry if this is the stupidest question to ask but im not all that clued up on all the parts. Does the 2001 leon cupra 1.8 20V T 180 have an airflow meter? dont all point and laugh at once :roflmao: cheers guys!
  15. cuprabaz

    Auto Meter Wide Band & EGT gauges

    I've found a place in America that will do me a good deal on these. I know most of you advise people to get Zeitronix/VEMS/Innovate but i would quite like to have all my gauges the same. Have any of you heard anything about these gauges...
  16. MAF Meter

    Anyone have a part number for a MAF Meter from a 97 2L 8v GTi please? :)
  17. cupra_brown

    replacement bulb for auto meter

    Just fitted my new boost gauge today, but tbh, the bulb in it is crap. Not very bright and more pink than red! anybody know if a replacement bulb can be purchased that is brighter and more red? :D
  18. teeth2k

    is the air temp meter the same as the air flow meter

    is the air temp meter the same as the air flow meter
  19. Air Mass meter problems.. A common Seat v5 problem?

    Air Mass meter problems.. An across the VWG problem? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In April I had my Air Mass meter changed on my v5 after diagnosis and its gone again Ive heard rumours thats its a common prob on VW based cars but they...
  20. G tech meter

    Was just cruising ebay and came across this: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/g-tech-g-tech-gtech-performance-meter_W0QQitemZ270014216201QQihZ017QQcategoryZ122140QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem How can it measure bhp etc??? Thanks
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