1. Retrofitting Cupra Steering Wheel With Paddles to FR

    Hi, I have seen a few post saying people have retrofitted a wheel with paddles to an ibiza fr. I was wondering if anyone can help me out. I have the new cupra wheel from a 2013 and also the airbag harness. I have put them on my 1.4 tsi fr (150) and tried to go into vcds to enable it or wateva...
  2. MY19 Cupra Paddle Extensions

    Picked up my new car today, the paddles are way too small. Which paddle extensions do I need to order ? Not sure which shape they are ! Thanks, Andy
  3. stebbi

    Sach Sintered Paddle Clutch Review

    1 Word...WOW! This is one fantastic bit of kit! Rated to 480lbft it is never going to slip on any of our cars no matter what we throw at it, some garages said it was a bit of overkill going for such an uprated clutch but jesus it makes such a difference. Previously I had the organic...
  4. Paddle Shift fitted to 1.6 DSG ??

    Hi All, Does anyone know (possibly "Techie"), if you can fit FR/Cupra Steering wheel with Paddle shift controls to a 1.6 SC Sport with DSG???
  5. stebbi

    Ultimate Clutch Guide

    Right Types of Clutch Plates ; Paddle/Puck or Button These clutches are sometimes quite unusually shaped and have relatively small areas of friction lining on each paddle. This serves to reducing the overall contact area acting upon the flywheel when compared to a full-face clutch. With no...
  6. spikeydoo

    dsg paddle extensions

    anyone thought one these? do they fit the new ibiza? these seem pricey but are there any alternatives out there??
  7. Spud_G40

    Box off, fitting new paddle clutch + flywheel...advice...

    Hey guys, been taking my gearbox off my car the last couple of days to fit a new clutch and flywheel with 72k on the clock it ain't too shabby considering its been least remapped for at least the last 25k-30k miles, finally got the box off today with my mate after a lot of fighting lol, tight as...
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