1. flozz1233

    Many problems with my new purchase

    Hello Seat :) Hope everyone is well during these times Please note that is my first post I was wondering if anyone knows where I would be able to locate or order a replacement glovebox for the MK3 6L my mechanism was broken and had to rip off the front part of the glovebox to have a fully...
  2. Mk2 seat Leon ecomotive BTCC KIT

    Hi I am looking to find a BTCC face lift kit for my Leon ecomotive can you help with this ? I have been advised I need the facelift version due to having and ecomotive
  3. Seat Ibiza 2006 1.4 TDI 'Reference.' Compatible Bumper?

    Hi all new to the forum and recently purchased a Seat Ibiza 2006 1.4 TDI 'Reference.' (not sport, from or cupra etc) it's a nice looking car but needs a few tweaks. I want to replace the bumper where possible, are there any bumpers from the other models that would fit as a strait swap?
  4. magicoi

    Will SEAT fit uprated parts?

    I need a clutch and want an uprated Sachs one. Only issue is the tuner near me is way too busy to fit and my current clutch is slipping a lot. Will a dealer fit non OE equiptment or not? ta
  5. vtxracer

    Interior Parts codes ??

    I want some new parts for my FR but i don't know the code for them. The carbon parts the bocanegra has are the ones i want. Here some pics showing exactly what i mean (what is shown by the arrows) and especialy this I need the codes to get my dealer order them. Thanks
  6. Please Help, Urgent Parts Required !!

    Hi all, I'm looking for an ECU and Loom to suit an ARY Engine (1.8T 20V) 2003 I'm doing a 20VT conversion on a Mk2 golf. This ARY Engine is found in an Audi TT, Seat Leon, Audi A3, The engine i have is from a TT Does anyone know where i could source them, or know anyone that...
  7. anyone painted interior parts, centre console etc. pics?

    looking for pics of painted interior parts whether it be dash, centre console. handles etc.....not seen many threads with it done so im after some inspiration
  8. Best source for parts

    I need a new EGR valve for my 1.2 Ibiza mk4. Can anyone advise me where to get one at a reasonable price. The dealer wants £140 for the part only! Thanks for any help.
  9. parts interchange?help

    hi all i need a bit of advice just bought another cordoba (estate) 99 letterbox grill type but need some panels/parts replaced can anyone tell me what else will fit? im guessing polo?? and best/cheap place to get them?? i dont mind after market if looks better and good deal at mo i need...
  10. Moshymosh

    Good website to get parts from ?

    im looking for a good website to get parts off of i have looked on awesome is there any other sites that i should be made aware of ? thanks
  11. euro car parts water pumps

    For thos who have ordered water pumps for a 150 bhp diesel which one of these is the metal impellor and whats the difference between these two........
  12. Wow!!! How cheap are Seat parts

    Hi Guys I can`t believe how cheap main dealer Seat parts are:D The previous owner of my Gti hit a cat and broke the front splitter and lost the fog light surround, 1./ Front splitter £21.00 including Vat 2./ Fog light surround in primer £14.00 including Vat BARGAIN!! Just...
  13. Replacing parts

    I have an Ibiza Salsa and I really want to replace some parts second hand (from ripping out parts from broken cars at the breakers yard). As far as I know the Ibiza mk2 is similar to the Polo mk3. Would I be able to get parts from a Polo to replace my Ibiza parts? I can never find an...
  14. Parts Cd?

    Hi Guys When i was rebuilding my Fiat i got hold of a parts cd off ebay (same as the main dealers use with exploded diagrams part numbers etc...) Can i get hold of a Seat one from anywhere?? Thanks Adrian
  15. Chrome parts list

    hello all, Could i get a list of all the chrome parts for my ibiza cheers
  16. vwbassett

    Do you keep your original parts when moding

    Hi just a curious question really. Do you keep your OEM parts when upgrading/modifiying like stock wheels when you go for aftermarket items. At the moment im hording all my old bits in the garage bar the exhaust which was too bad to keep. Only one i can think the future owners of the car might...
  17. simonsen82

    I am looking for few parts but i need them to be delivered

    Basically ive got a problem with one of the pipes coming off from intercooler .I need to buy it but i need them to be delivered as i am abroad at the moment and my wife is dealing with this problem so to make her life easier i want to order it pay for it so the only thing she will have to do is...
  18. Berg

    Cambelt parts

    Im sourcing parts to do my Cambelt vwspares have a cambelt kit consisting of cambelt tensioner roller and obviously i will buy the metal impeller water pump My mate told me today that i also need Cambelt/Tensioner Damper Cam chain tensioner Is this needed?? they dont come...
  19. Altea/Leon parts + HIDS

    Hi, Is there a list of Altea parts that can be shared from the Leon anywhere? :confused: Also has anyone fitted hids to their altea? Thanks, Miles
  20. genuine parts

    finally got a tfsi fr, 06 model, and love it, great to look at and great to drive.[B)] just a couple of things, is it possible to buy one of the lids to go over the front cup holder so it become like a storge area. also is there somewhere online that new facia (double din) can be ordered...
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