1. Rear Door is Locked Shut! Rear Doors Arent Working Correctly!

    so when i bought my 1999 seat leon its was problem free but now its problem after problem, newest problem is my OSR door is shut and will not open from the inside or the outside(i had the window regulator unplugged for afew days while i got a new one as it was already off and i was manually...
  2. Luke20vT

    Lower grill piece needed, help

    I desperately need this grill piece but cant find one anywhere, does anyone know where I can pick one up, any companies that can sort me out? Thanks, Luke.
  3. Does the mk4 gearbox need the 16mm spline piece?

    For the drain and fill plugs. Planning on sticking some 75/90 fully synthetic in there as I don't think it's been done in 109k. Cheers
  4. andyc58

    fitting t piece

    Hi could people put pics up for me to show me where to fit the t peice when fitting a boost gauge thats.Read alot on this but pics would help so much more.Thanks
  5. devin13

    Quick question- boost gauge T piece

    hey, i have got an auto gauge boost gauge from halfords, and just finised fitting it into my drivers side airvent, im clued up on where the electrics go, i just dunno where to connect the T piece too:confused: if anybody could help or even show me a pic of where it has been connected that would...
  6. basemanuk

    5 Piece Silicone Hose kit for VAG 1.8 T 180hp engines

    hi had a look at the kit forge offer for 1.8t can any one list what the pipes replace i.e intercooler pipe ect.
  7. shantybeater

    My Cupra replacement - M Roadster - 3 Piece BBS update

    Hey peeps, well i've moved away from the VAG scene altogether, decided rather than spanking 2k on engine work on the Ibiza (that id never see again) I'd go for something slightly more 'sensible'. I imagine its not to everyones taste but here's some pics: (comments welcome either way)...
  8. Standard Airbox Piece missing??? i think

    as the title says, i think im missing a piece off my original airbox :shrug: at the min i dont have a pic but i can explain here goes.... :blink: from the airbox at the box you have a cold air feed pipe. looks a bit like a banana shape that goes round the side of the battery and is held in...
  9. kineticz

    Where do I put the boost gauge T piece

    I have just managed to get the boost gauge tubing through the car. Where shall I fit the T-piece??? Thanks
  10. elliott87

    forge silicon 5 piece hose kits - who has them?

    the ones on this site http://www.jkm.org.uk/performance/siliconehose.htm wondering if any1 can post a pic of these fitted to see how they make the engine bay look, trying to decide if its worth getting red or blue, or if i dont like the way it looks with the coloured ones, just get black...
  11. Boost gauge buzzing how can i stop it?

    I had a boost gauge fitted last week and it buzz's which i didnt realise it would when i got it. anyway of stopping it from buzzing as tbh its quite annoying :lol: edit: cars a pd100 btw
  12. 330mm 2 piece discs any better?

    hello. i have a LCR 225 and need new brakes. does anybody have the 330mm 2 piece discs? do they make much more stopping power or are they just for less brake fade? any help . james
  13. Whats this piece from the door?

    When I was putting in my new speakers today I noticed this little bit in the door between the door skin and an internal bar Its about 3-4inches long Any ideas?
  14. kineticz

    My decat and dowpipe is all one piece

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/VW-GOLF-GTi-SEAT-LEON-VRS-CUPRA-OCTAVIA-TURBO-DECAT_W0QQitemZ170292161970QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM?hash=item170292161970&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=72%3A1301%7C66%3A2%7C65%3A12%7C39%3A1%7C240%3A1318 Got one of those ready to go on with my...
  15. 800bhp on the same piece of tarmac... photoshoot

    Well today bought wax, banter and nearly 800bhp on the same piece of road at once! was great fun, the point of this outing was a shoot and heres the results.
  16. Are ibiza stalks one piece?

    or do they split into two when removed like this Thanks
  17. Little piece of door missing

    A tiny bit fell off my door while I was replacing the door card the other day, and I'm pretty sure it's gone for good. It's this bit: Basically just the surround for the lock, but it's really annoying me that it's not there. Will I be able to get a replacement, and will it be less than a...
  18. allh2k

    Rear seat WOBBLE, Piece of crud

    Hello all Well 6 Months on and after lil bits falling off here and there, the god damn stupid rear split seat is wobbly(the large part). Looks as if the metal part that locks into the hook lock thing has snapped off the seat ffs. I'd take a pic but my phones ran outta battery and I can't...
  19. Blanked T Piece off vacuun from plenum...

    I think I read somewhere on the forum that rathere than plumbing in a boost gauge into the vacuum line above the DV, there is alread a blanked off T-piece coming off a (vaccum line?) from the inlet manifold? IS this right or is it Ibiza specific? And if the LC has it, anyone point me in the...
  20. __B3NNY__

    T piece causing chattering?

    ive just recently installed my gauges everything working ok now :) apart from T piece, with the T piece on i get a chatter when changing gears! so i thought id take it off and try with just the vacum pipe on the dump valve and that was fine just got a woosh from the DV, im sure ive got it...
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