1. when can i post something for sale

    hi mods, ive had more than 10 posts now, any chance i can list something for sale?? cheers
  2. Red Leon's with black mags: please post pics

    guys, i re-sprayed my mags matte black as i messed the one rim on the highway a week or so back..decided to do them all this time round. now i dunno if its looks as good as i thought it would nor as nice as the red Leon's i've seen on this forum. pls post pictures of your red Leon so i may...
  3. Gordz

    Post Count Frozen?

    Nothing important just a bit odd... My post count seems to have just stopped at 1,200 :blink: Just seems a bit strange :shrug:
  4. TubbyTwo

    Cant reply or post in the sale section :(

    Hi there are a few items in the sale section im interested in but it wont allow me to post due to not having permission :( if this could be sorted that would be grand :) Thanks Si
  5. Post your leon pics

    Seems theirs a lot of pictures lost in threads now, so feel free to post any car and accessories pictures her. My car is a 2008 leon dti FR550 citrus yellow 25000 miles.
  6. DanLewis1991

    Badgeless Grill *Fitted Post #14*

    just bought an FK badgeless grill. what are peoples thoughts on these? ive never really liked them but i was looking at my car today and i thought id try one on ther and see how it looks, so i just got one for £35 off eGay any pics on a luna grey/silver ibiza? ive got the plate rescess...
  7. Post your Ibiza Pic's

    Seems theirs a lot of pictures lost in threads now, so feel free to post any car n accessories pictures her. My car should be here on the 20th of this month n seeing a few pictures would help me decide on wheel colour, spoiler, skirts n suspension.
  8. james walker

    leon cupra custom fmic install thread, NOW WITH LOGS POST INSTALL

    could anyone please post a guide/parts needed and links for a custom/ebay fmic install on a leon cupra please id like to see a individual thread on this, either twin pass or single pass and costs and how to fit etc big ask i know but theres tons on lcr single pass love to see how youve...
  9. RS6

    Exhaust systems - please post your pics

    Done a search not managed to find anyone whos changed the standard exahust? on a cupra r Im looking into changing mine as my backbox needs replacing looking around for ideas seen the miltek full catback system i like the look of the standard oval what have people got? thanks!
  10. orangemuffin

    Project Woodstock -Rust In Peace. Project Sunset begins on post 98 :D

    OK, so its not a SEAT .....I have gone full on Dub.... but for those that know me its no shock as my plans have been no secret. Were talking mk3 Jetta's otherwise know as the Vento. My search began some 12/18 months ago after seeing one parked up. Slammed to the ground and rolling on g60...
  11. Making a post?

    I'm trying to make a new thread in the Ibiza MK4 forum, but it keeps saying i can't post URL's, but there arn't any in my post?? Prob's something silly, but what am I doing wrong??:confused:
  12. Post The Toledo's

    Cant seem to find many in the member's gallery section here's an old pic of mine. since then...:D lowered more MS Design side skirts Cupra splitter
  13. Berg

    Passenger door pin sticking *Post #9

    Ive had a search but all i seem to find is people interior door handles snapping off Basically i opened my door from the inside after arriving at work The door would not close, it just kept bouncing back almost like someone was holding the handle up, the interior door handle has gone quite...
  14. cupramillo

    Little gift in the post today.....

    Got home from work and had a nice box waiting for me when i arrrived... anyone guess whats inside?
  15. The stance thread .. post the pic pic of your cars stance

    Tthis thread could be marmite and go only 2 ways but lets see what happens :d i want to see everyone's stance and how well people have made their seat sit, be it low and wide or just right with a nice set of wheels ect so common lets see them :D i will start , ive just got my winter wheels...
  16. wigz45

    Price of mk5 fr rear bumper?

    Any chance anyone could find out how much a new mk5 fr rear bumper is please? looking to get one as the standard one is poor and a custom pipe built but currently working nights so dont have any time to go to the dealer! thanks alot :)
  17. aterro

    fob problems again. POST 17 update

    right my old fob didnt work so i bought one of ebay that was suppose to be working. they both flash and do the flash 4 times thing and im using the seat manual programming and its not having no affect on the car. no closing of the door. am i doing something wrong? if not whats the...
  18. mini_hammy

    Post Pics of silver Ibiza's

    Well since these people moved the blue and black ibiza to here a thought a might aswell do the same for the silver fellows :bleh: heres mine :D
  19. post your fly by videos and popping

    As the title says, show us what your car sounds like on boost and popping. Here's one of mine to set the standards lol up badger5's getting it mapped when bill was trying to get flames :lol: And here's tommy2008cupra's as he cant upload pics and videos... after fitting lcr fuel pump
  20. Boosting Issues - Now With Loggs (Post 19)

    Ok, after a little help here...... When I first bought the Cupra, it used to boost to 25psi (well, 24-26) in every gear.... However, since about March time, it only pulls about 20psi. When I first noticed this, I wasn't too fussed. Also, a mate thought it may have something to do with high...
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