1. demonikx

    Need Help! ESC Button Retrofit

    Hello, My friend have Leon FR SC 2017 He Want to do retrofit ESC Button. I saw the Elsa Scheme and i not clear understand it. We currently have this items 5F0927143 WHS - ESP Button 000979009ЕА x 2 pcs 000979046E - ABS Module cable Can any one point us for any report how to do it.
  2. Lozzy15

    Coding and programming Retrofit Front Parking Sensors & Park Pilot - MK3 Leon

    Hi guys & gals, Got a big one for you today. This guide will show you how you can retrofit fit front parking sensors and enable the Park Pilot function on your Leon. This will be a lengthy guide so be sure to give it a full read first to ensure you can complete the job. This requires some...
  3. Lozzy15

    Coding and programming How to Remove Front Seat Upholstery & Fit Heated Pads

    Hi guys & gals Today I will show you how to dismantle and remove the upholstery/covers from the front seats should you need to replace a damage part. I will also show you how to fit heated pads if you are wanting to retrofit heated seating. The heated seating retrofit guide is located here...
  4. Lozzy15

    Coding and programming Retrofit Heated Fan Washer Jets

    Hi guys & gals, Today I'm going to explain how you can fit heated fan jets to your Leon and how to wire them in. These came as part of the 'Winter Pack' but can be wired & coded in with relative ease. This is relatively simple to do, and doesn't require loads of tools. Here is a list of parts &...
  5. Lozzy15

    Coding and programming Retrofit Window Washer Fluid Level Sensor - MK3 Leon

    Hi guys & gals, Another guide for you today for a convenience feature more than anything. This used to come standard, but then Seat changed it to only come with the 'Winter' pack. However, it can be retrofitted! So I will show you how to do this yourself. For this job you are going to need some...
  6. Lozzy15

    Coding and programming Retrofit Heated Seats - A Complete How-To

    Hi guys & gals, Got a big retrofit for you all today. I've recently fitted front heated seats to my car and I must say they are brilliant! I'm very happy with the results, so I've created this guide to explain exactly how to fit this yourself. The overall difficulty isn't huge, there are...
  7. jezyg

    Lighting Retro fit auto lights

    I decided not to order the £250 comfort pack as only wanted auto lights and ACC in terms of options. Realised I could buy an auto light kit off eBay for £25 for a Golf mk7/Octavia 2015, which we all know are the same as the MKIII Leon...
  8. Electric

    8 inch screen swap compatibility?

    Hi guys i am currently trying to retrofit my old mib1 for a mib2 with a new 8 inch screen. I found someone who can remove cp and code the rest for a good price. I bought a MIB2 Std with navigation, part number 5QA035858B (SW 0472 & H41), i also bought the 8 inch screen, part number 5F0919606...
  9. PLEASE HELP with firmware update!!

    I've been reading so many threads and it's so confusing trying to find exactly what I need. If anyone can explain in plain English I would be SO grateful!!! So I have a 2016 Leon with the nav + I believe. I'm literally about to retro to the 8" screen (I've read the forums on how to do that so...
  10. Retrofitting Cupra Steering Wheel With Paddles to FR

    Hi, I have seen a few post saying people have retrofitted a wheel with paddles to an ibiza fr. I was wondering if anyone can help me out. I have the new cupra wheel from a 2013 and also the airbag harness. I have put them on my 1.4 tsi fr (150) and tried to go into vcds to enable it or wateva...
  11. Instrument cluster replacement

    Hello, Is it possible to retrofit the facelift instrument cluster with the needle sweep option to a '09 model? If so, is it plug and play?
  12. Retrofit Cruise control Ibiza Sport 6J

    I have a Seat Ibiza Sport 84 2009 and would like to retrofit cruise control. Are there any garages around London or Suffolk that do this? I don't think I want to be messing around with the reprogramming the ECU myself. Thanks, Yasha
  13. Retrofit DSG Paddles

    Hi guys I bought a second hand 2014 Leon FR DSG last year. It didn't come with paddles on the steering wheel. I really want them added, and was wondering: * Have any of you replaced your steering wheel to the one with paddles? * How much did it cost? * Did everything work, or did the car...
  14. ChriskiB

    Power folding mirrors retrofit mk5 Ibiza fr (Fitted)

    Hi all, I have recently retro fitted power folding mirrors to my Ibiza 6J. The parts that you will need to do this mod are the following: 6R0.959.802.A – Drivers Side Controller 6R0.959.802.C – Passenger Side Controller 6J3971120E - Drivers Side Loom 6J3971121E - Passenger Side Loom...
  15. The Daily Meme

    Facelift Tail lights in mk 3 Leon?

    I'm just curious to see if anyone on this site has managed this yet. Since I bought my mk3 Leon SC FR about a year ago, I've had many people comment on the size of my indicators. :( Not one to have my ego blunted that easily, but my self confidence is certainly lacking now. In all seriousness...
  16. RNS510 Retrofit in Leon FR Facelift

    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade the standard stereo in my FR 2009 facelift model which I recently bought. The car does not have Bluetooth currently so guessing it will not have the module or mic installed. I have the white large MFD with a standard stereo with aux and USB. Just wondering the...
  17. Silent Shark

    Retro-Fit Convenience Pack?

    I'm currently looking at an ex-demo Bocanegra, as it's being advertised for less than a new FR, which is what I was considering. From what I can tell, the car has absolutley no options on it at all (apart from the red paint). This doesn't bother me too much, as I was planning to skip on most...
  18. kevh

    Cruise Control retrofit

    I know Awsomegti are very reasonable priced for retrofit on Leon but as i live in Hampshire to travel up to them would make it very expensive job in time and money is there anywhere in the south that does CC retrofit?
  19. wesbar

    OEM Bluetooth Retrofit

    Can anybody tell me if this VW bluetooth kit is compatiable with the Facelift Leon? I have the standard stereo and not NAV unit. The guy says it comes pre-coded to your car. Does that mean that i...
  20. Retrofit cruise control to an LCR?

    Phoned TPS today, who said there is not a retrofit kit available for the LCR, but many people on here have had it done. AIUI, i need the stalk, and an extra part of loom. Does anyone have the part numbers available, so I can just give them the numbers over the phone? Also, is there a...
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