1. MK3 Cupra

    MK3 Cupra Berkshire forum meet March 2020 - A lesson in the importance of cleaning your car before meets
  2. Jairms 400bhp MK2 Cupra

    Jairms 400bhp MK2 Cupra Berkshire forum meet March 2020
  3. Alor Blue MK3 Cupra

    Alor Blue MK3 Cupra Berkshire forum meet March 2020
  4. Yellow FR!!

    Yellow FR!! Berkshire forum meet March 2020
  5. Seat Toledo (purple)

    Seat Toledo (purple) Berkshire forum meet March 2020
  6. MK1 Cupra R

    MK1 Cupra R Berkshire forum meet March 2020
  7. RichIbizaSport

    Bye bye SEATCupra !

    Well ive just sold my car this morning, quite emotional seeing it been drove away by someone else. Anyway, i just thought id say bye and thanks for all the help with the several project ive undertaken, diy gearbox anyone? :P cheers dudes and dudettes Bye!
  8. Curious Chris

    Time to Leave seatcupra behind...for now

    Well the Leon has gone, so id just like to say thanks for the help ive recieved over the past couple of years, and hope that i have been able to help one or two people out along the way. im gonna keep my account open incase i decide to get another SEAT after my next toy has gone. Thanks again...
  9. SeatCupra Stickes

    Can a few people post there's up so i know what they look like with different colours which is avaible i take it id want an internal one aswel Its going under the rear brake light Ta folks
  10. SeatCupra Live Chat

    Hello; a while back i've registered for a free chat environment from JavaChat for me and a few friends but for weeks now it's been just sitting there inactive. the link is: or just click Here So because i love this website [B)] i've changed the...
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