1. Cupra Spoilers

    Looking at buying a spoiler lip for my 300 hatch but the one I’d like says it’ll only fit the estate, is there actually a size difference in the two spoilers or would an estate spoiler lip fot a hatch? Thanks in advance!
  2. Spoiler extension

    Hey, I was wondering if a spoiler extension from maxton would fit on both the pre and after lift versions of the cupra mk3? I can only find that extension on the lifted version but they look kinda the same when it comes to the back window..
  3. New member looking for inspiration

    Hi guys, Just purchased a Seat Leon FR mk3 and looking for making inspiration as well as best places to buy parts such as spoilers, rear bumpers and skirts. Any advice on this would be much appreciated
  4. Rookiereece

    5F Aero Spoiler?

    Anyone know where I could get a genuine spoiler cheap, there were many on ebay around 150 pounds in December but I cant seem to find anymore. Cheers
  5. OJ9693

    ANOTHER rear boot spoiler question

    So I'm pretty sure most of us are aware of the expensive price tags on the aerodynamics spoiler (5F0071606) I've found one on ebay for quite cheap, however, the corner has been snapped/broken off.. I'm curious to know if this is possible to repair and if so would it actually be worth...
  6. ITzadamZz

    Seat Ibiza 3/door Spoiler

    Hi, All I am going to buy this Seat Ibiza Spoiler off eBay: Spoiler The description states that it needs sanding and painted. I am going to do the above work needed myself, to save on cost. Where would I find the correct paint for my car? And what is the best glue binder in which i can...
  7. Rhaizaos

    Aftermarket Spoiler

    Hi So, I've ordered a spoiler online, which obviously is not like the original one. I took it to Seat to get it painted, and then they started telling that I can damage the trunk if I installed it and then I would need to replace it all, which would be €€€ I don't know if they were...
  8. ZionLiam

    Copra 290 rear spoiler options

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a new spoiler cap for the 2019 cupra 290? I’ve been looking at the maxton design Leon mk3 cupra spoiler (as I don’t like the 3.5 version) but was wondering if anyone knows it the mk3 will fit the copra 290? If there are going to be...
  9. Andreas Panayiotou

    Aerodynamic Spoiler and Side fins

    Hello. Do you know if the side fins from cupra fits in FR with aerodynamic spoiler? Also, aerodynamic spoiler for 5f will fits 5f facelift 2019 FR model? Thanks.
  10. Adamskifresh

    MK3 Cupra spoiler non existent

    Hi All. Got my Cupra 280 64 plate a few months ago and am LOVING IT! One thing that has puzzled me is the rear spoiler.The car has numerous factory fitted sports trim but the rear spoiler is,well,not really a spoiler at all! Can any of you kind ladies and gents point me in the direction of a...
  11. Are there any other spoilers available for the Cupra 290??

    I’ve got a 2016 Leon Cupra 290. Just wondering if there are any aftermarket spoilers people have been getting? Not the lip extension, I mean like proper spoilers different to standard.
  12. JoshoRH

    Bocanegra SportCoupe Spolier!

    I’ve had my Bocanegra for maybe a couple months now and see a lot of pictures of spoilers. I’ve been trying to look everywhere to buy a spoiler but every website I look on either say it has sold out or the auction has ended! Anyone have an idea of the best place to get one from? (I’m aware...
  13. willygoncray

    Maxton Design - Cupra 300??

    Has anyone tried fitting any of the MD products to a Cupra 300? I am trying to find a spoiler and side skirts in gloss black but can't seem to find any for the newer 5F models... http://www.maxtondesign.co.uk/shop/leon-iii-2012--.html Thanks Will
  14. Genuine Leon spoiler instructions?

    Wondering if anyone can help me? I've ordered the genuine Leon 5dr mk 3 spoiler and got it today It was supposed to come with fitting instructions! But hasn't and the receptionist I spoke to at the dealership said parts were closed and won't get back to me until at least Tuesday! (Useless!)...
  15. Tartan58

    At last - got a boot lip spoiler fitted!

    Well I've wanted a subtle boot lip spoiler for ages but never seen it done on a Toledo and nowhere seemed to do one specifically for the Toledo. After much research and e-mailing I finally found a supplier on e-bay who could (a) supply one to the correct length to fit the Toledo and (b) paint...
  16. basemanuk

    MG spoiler on seat

    Does anyone know if the mg-zr spoiler fits on a seat leon cupra! thay look similar but a little bigger if it fits then think it would look good!!!
  17. Luna grey spoiler removed from my 08 plate fr

    Luna grey spoiler removed from my 08 plate fr very good condition paint is perfect complete with brake light will this fight my 1.2 ibiza as a straight swap or will it need modified in anyway apart from being painted obv

    Side skirts and spoiler

    Has any one had any quotes on side skirts and spoiler for there bocanegra yet?
  19. black roof - do spoiler or not?

    Hi i have a white leon fr mk2 and im getting the roof done in black vinyl on tuesday,shoiuld i have spoiler done aswell ? if so just top of spoiler or complete spoiler? any advice or pics to help me decide would be appreciated:)
  20. mk2 leon rear spoiler

    hi i am thinking of doing a few mods to my 2007 tfsi leon I am looking for an approx cost and the best place to get the bits from. 1. A rear spoiler, cost of fitting and painting 2. side skirts, cost of fitting and painting Thanks in advance:D
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